My OTHER sister is here! Tahoe Adventures!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 21, 2018
  • Fun Tahoe adventures! Testing cameras, drones and phones.Cody's channel:'s LUTs:► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: iJustine📷 CAMERAS I USE:Sony A7s ii - A7 iii - rx100 v5 - Hero 7 - ONE X -


  • Bob Didlboc
    Bob Didlboc  a years ago +370

    Imagine being the “other sister” lmaoo

  • Cute Cookie
    Cute Cookie  a years ago +106

    Yay I love it when you guys are together 😁 #sister goals

  • Cody Blue
    Cody Blue  a years ago +92

    Justine!!! It was so great to meet you! Come back in a few months when its warm 🙌🌲☀️

  • Adam Wahby
    Adam Wahby  a years ago +50

    My favorite color grading is on 5:00

  • Kawatra Productions
    Kawatra Productions  a years ago +58

    2:07 is cinematic!

    MR. CURIOUS  a years ago +28


    ETHAN  a years ago +12

    8:48 is the best profile imo but why are the reds/pinks soooo saturated in the rest of the video?

  • WhO tOoK mY fUcKiNg brEaD

    9:00 it looks like a DJI ad

  • fightnight14
    fightnight14  a years ago +7

    Brienne sounds 99.74734% the same as Justine

  • nomeaknat
    nomeaknat  a years ago +13

    Bre and Justine sound alike. Its uncanny!

  • Sergio The One
    Sergio The One  a years ago +29

    Tahoe looks so beautiful! After this video, it’s been added to my bucket list 😯😁

  • Sarah- Q -Photo
    Sarah- Q -Photo  a years ago +12

    So beautiful! The cinematography in this video is amazing!

  • Vatsek
    Vatsek  a years ago +5

    Justine, to learn more about color grading, just stop at Starbucks.

  • Edward Sanchez Productions

    Justine I really like the quality of the video

  • stoneisonline
    stoneisonline  a years ago +6

    but it also depends which mood you want to transport, because the beach slomo where also awesome. for vlogging i would say 6:13

  • Hushed Tones
    Hushed Tones  a years ago +3

    you're so great and kind to feature smaller youtuber like cody and victoria I've been watching their videos for a while
    I like how all of you are so helpful to your communities and giving away so many of your best advice and tips
    You have very creative energy and it shows you have some of the most positive comments sections i've seen on all youtube

  • Kadin Sisavat
    Kadin Sisavat  a years ago +9

    What camera do you use to vlog?
    Do you prefer a small one?
    Do you use a big lens?

  • Oh Never Mind It's just me / Roi B.

    the queen upload new video !

  • Always Krizia
    Always Krizia  a years ago +1

    YAY IM EARLY!! Can I please have a shout-out? Ilygsm

  • Christian Flynn
    Christian Flynn  a years ago +5

    Just to let you know, you put the wrong link for Cody’s channel