Rebuilding A Lifted Ram 3500 Diesel With Frame Damage!!!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Finally Got my hands on a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel this is going to be an epic rebuild!Follow me On instagram used Song: Jarico - Island (Vlog No Copyright Music)Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:


  • George Amajoyi
    George Amajoyi  28 days ago +659

    "this thing will help us raid area 51"

  • Robert Bisson
    Robert Bisson  28 days ago +152

    Always wear protective glasses when drilling welds. You have only 2 eyes.

  • Thunder Truck
    Thunder Truck  28 days ago +85

    This is more like panel replacement not frame damage 🤦‍♂️

  • Jadsholloway
    Jadsholloway  28 days ago +95

    "Help raid area 51" LMAO.......

  • Jesse
    Jesse  yesterday

    How much would a repair like that cost? I have an 03 Excursion and the rocker panels are rusted out.

  • hans hoogendyk
    hans hoogendyk  28 days ago +81

    great to see you back. but "please" wear safety glasses at all times when eyes that close to drill bit.... speaking from youthfull expirience 50 years later i still have rust spots in line of sight from metal particles just like what you are doing..... and it really hurts,. much worse than arc eye

  • bkgti
    bkgti  54 minutes ago

    7:47 Anyone notice no brakes when he takes off the wheel?

  • networkcrasher
    networkcrasher  yesterday

    11:30 ahhh you tried to sneak that cutting bit by us two times, huh sir vtuned? busted!

  • Mike fuller
    Mike fuller  yesterday

    Great work got hooked on you after watching goonzquad

  • fchapp
    fchapp  28 days ago +29

    Is it just me, or is the rocker part of the cab, not the frame?

  • Bob Zimmerman
    Bob Zimmerman  28 days ago +60

    Love watching your vids bro, maximum content, minimal comment. Keep up the good work!!

  • palillo2006
    palillo2006  28 days ago +28

    First, this truck screams American lol
    Second, please wear eye protection ! My dad was using a drill press with out safety glasses and got a metal shaving in eye. Now my dad has a blind spot in his left eye.

  • Juan Rodrigo Ramirez
    Juan Rodrigo Ramirez  28 days ago +57

    Finally! I'm so done with lambo and Ferrari builds, this is so much cooler

  • captainzero
    captainzero  28 days ago +49

    V-Tuned in the house, keeping Sam Crac honest.

  • Adamurquhart
    Adamurquhart  28 days ago +35

    That looks like a truck that's actually used. Props to the owner.
    Also, WEAR EYE PROTECTION, mate!!!!

  • Yoni susanto
    Yoni susanto  4 days ago +2

    I'M yoni from indonesia
    Your opening words are the same as goonzsquaad...

  • JLamond219
    JLamond219  7 days ago +4

    Great job...I subscribed to your channel through the goon squad

  • Indy125
    Indy125  28 days ago +3

    Love your videos, but my man needs some safety glasses!

  • nilesh Yeslote
    nilesh Yeslote  2 days ago

    Brother make race between the gmc duramax with goonzsquad

  • Central Maine Mustang

    Hey - glad to see you made it back from the Copart yard in MA okay with the truck! I'm the guy that helped your driver tie it down. I hope the trip went well I build a fair amount of wrecks up here in Maine. I recently went to Austell, GA and picked up a 2016 Hellcat Charger to do for my next build. I had planned on stopping in on the way back but ran short on time. Had I known the truck was going to you guys, I would have made the time. Good luck with the build! Emery @ Central Maine Mustang