Rebuilding A Lifted Ram 3500 Diesel With Frame Damage!!!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Finally Got my hands on a Dodge Ram 3500 diesel this is going to be an epic rebuild!

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  • TechFollower
    TechFollower  21 days ago

    buying damage car or truck is not good idea at all...but if you making youtube video like VTuned garage...then you make good money out of it...nice video...keep it up...

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse  1 months ago

    I think this is the first video of yours I have watched and other than the title reading "frame damage" (haven't seen any frame damage yet), I must say ... nice video. You were very clear about what you were doing, the process involved, and what you were doing next. To me this was all easy peasy stuff, but I want to see more (I know it's an older video, LOL).
    Thumbs up!! 👍

  • Chad Simmons
    Chad Simmons  1 months ago

    Dodge has some damn good trucks, i know cause i own one (good-upload)

  • Leonardo Costa
    Leonardo Costa  2 months ago

    awesome job man, just a little tip, when you finish the video leave more time so the viewers can click like button.

  • Marcus Buckley
    Marcus Buckley  4 months ago

    I’m a huge fan fam from ya work goonz, your work is dope I’m in automotive school now

  • Bro Fest
    Bro Fest  4 months ago

    Sounds like a pissed-off Civic.

  • kenneth Bennett
    kenneth Bennett  4 months ago

    I use a 2 inch grinding wheel. It works great for spot welds on old panels

  • John Tuffield
    John Tuffield  5 months ago

    Wow what a beautiful truck. I want one like this eventually.

  • Zube's Import Auto Sales

    Subscriber here from Goonzquad. You are a beast on that frame machine. I could watch you fix frames all day long. You are talented for real. Great job on all the builds will be sure to check all your videos out. Keep up the good work and SICK 3500!

  • The SJV Workshop
    The SJV Workshop  5 months ago

    A spot welder will make your life a whole lot easier and quicker.

  • fergy Ferguson
    fergy Ferguson  5 months ago

    Come on guys your from Tennessee,there is no z in diesel....

  • Mateo Morizio
    Mateo Morizio  5 months ago

    hell yeah man love the video

  • bkgti
    bkgti  5 months ago

    7:47 Anyone notice no brakes when he takes off the wheel?

  • Central Maine Mustang

    Hey - glad to see you made it back from the Copart yard in MA okay with the truck! I'm the guy that helped your driver tie it down. I hope the trip went well I build a fair amount of wrecks up here in Maine. I recently went to Austell, GA and picked up a 2016 Hellcat Charger to do for my next build. I had planned on stopping in on the way back but ran short on time. Had I known the truck was going to you guys, I would have made the time. Good luck with the build! Emery @ Central Maine Mustang

  • Mike fuller
    Mike fuller  5 months ago

    Great work got hooked on you after watching goonzquad

  • networkcrasher
    networkcrasher  5 months ago

    11:30 ahhh you tried to sneak that cutting bit by us two times, huh sir vtuned? busted!

  • ushook
    ushook  5 months ago


  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith  5 months ago

    I'm here from future Russia safety first my friend

  • nilesh Yeslote
    nilesh Yeslote  5 months ago

    Brother make race between the gmc duramax with goonzsquad

  • Maurice Milles Mansa

    Meet me at the main gate @ Area 51