Ariana Grande - thank u, next (audio)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 3, 2018


  • Suor Frio
    Suor Frio  3 minutes ago

    I love Ari listen to my song Tension video out now 💘

  • Ιφιγένεια Γιαννακούρου

    Thank you

  • Reva Epon
    Reva Epon  17 minutes ago

    Who's here before 100M ??

  • PhuongLy To
    PhuongLy To  40 minutes ago

    "thank u, goddess"

  • Pretty_kitty13
    Pretty_kitty13  58 minutes ago +1

    I slept on this track at first but now its one of my favorites, love the ambient vibes

  • Lilly Flamm
    Lilly Flamm  an hour ago

    No u

  • Angel W
    Angel W  an hour ago


  • 이시반
    이시반  an hour ago

    Thank U, next. all right,next bitch-?

  • - Lillith
    - Lillith  2 hours ago +1

    Cashier : that’s $20
    You: here
    Cashier ; thank you next

  • lexi wealsy
    lexi wealsy  2 hours ago

    Rip Mac you helped 💔🙏😢 thank you for helping Ariana become what she is

  • Bre Black
    Bre Black  2 hours ago +1

    I just realized this myself but most people think she said "And her name is Aubrey" But she actually said "And her name is Ari" meaning that he realized she taught herself things and grew as a person not that she's lesbian, even tho that would be fine too.

  • Toni Santos
    Toni Santos  2 hours ago

    When bae cheats on you, Thank u next 🎤 🎶

  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark  2 hours ago

    Who’s watching in 2019!!

  • lalit bhardwaj
    lalit bhardwaj  2 hours ago

    feeling the same fr my ex...

  • Lexisparrow
    Lexisparrow  3 hours ago

    The Pete line😿 boi u turned away from the most beautiful gurl

  • Dyeisha Gage
    Dyeisha Gage  3 hours ago +1

    Hi Ariana grande
    I'm dalynn

  • blazing mufasa
    blazing mufasa  3 hours ago

    Break an egg
    Break your legs
    Take a test
    Thank your guest
    Beat your ex
    Send a text
    Makin eggs
    Make in bread
    Kill a pest

  • lemon cherry rose
    lemon cherry rose  3 hours ago

    Very much love girl!

  • Maseawaaah
    Maseawaaah  3 hours ago

    3:00 bacon eggssss bacon egssss

  • Maseawaaah
    Maseawaaah  3 hours ago

    bacon eggs bacon eggsss