John Harbaugh on Media's Love of Lamar, Ravens | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 13, 2019
  • Head Coach John Harbaugh talks about how Lamar Jackson is handling all the attention and discusses the challenge the Texans pose.

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  • Goth Kidd
    Goth Kidd  2 months ago

    Wouldn't a football coach like John Harbaugh make a great US President
    He is media savy, can think strategy & has to make snap decisions.
    He would also be good for race relations
    However, NFL Coaches probably get paid more than US Presidents..

  • Kai Sommers
    Kai Sommers  2 months ago +1

    What Marshall becomes like Humphrey!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Joe King
    Joe King  2 months ago +1

    How About Deanthony Thomas Being Added??? We He Be Used For Special Teams??

  • Pao Lee
    Pao Lee  2 months ago +1

    LJ = mvp

  • Deb T
    Deb T  2 months ago

    Harbaugh wants the attention of signing Lamar it’s evident

  • Willie Walker
    Willie Walker  2 months ago

    Its about race when it comes 2 Lamar & Deshaun!. 6 black Qb & each one them is UNIQUE getting the JOB DONE. 5 of the top Qb's in the league are thriving this yr. Deshaun, Lamar, Dak, Russell & Mahomes. Lamar has some ways 2go.2b mentioned with the other 3. I only say that bc of the experience the other Qb's has on him. Do I feel at this moment if the playoffs start this weekend. Yeah Lamar & RAVENS would beat the Chiefs. They played twice thus far. Both games were close in KC & the RAVENS had a chance 2win both games. RAVENS would beat them bc our defense will make a CRUCIAL STOP. I can't say that about the Chiefs defense. Deshaun & Lamar should be playing Primetime. Yeah the Patriots last Sunday night. Nobody wants 2watch trubisky & goff play but their home state. It's about race trust me. 2teams with winning record & good Qb's. What's wrong with this picture


  • Jake B
    Jake B  2 months ago

    The question about the ravens being represented at the Kaepernick workout was a really stupid question. Why the hell would we give a shit about Kaepernick when we have Lamar?

  • Christian .Grajales
    Christian .Grajales  2 months ago

    Ravens beat Patriots by 17, Jason Whitlock; I'm more impressed with New England FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • Brian Fike
    Brian Fike  2 months ago +4

    Harbaugh should win coach of the year.

  • Alex Peak
    Alex Peak  2 months ago +5

    they need to adjust how john harbough looks in madden, right now they have him looking like a bean burrito

  • Fly Ty Blizzy
    Fly Ty Blizzy  2 months ago +3

    MVP 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Knavar
    Knavar  2 months ago +6

    I used to complain when the media ain’t never talk about the Ravens now they won’t shut up bout Lamar. Foh wit that bruh real talk keep sleepin on us foreal so we can run up in ya house n take what’s ours. That Lombardi trophy

  • Mike Strickland
    Mike Strickland  2 months ago +5

    Best players coach in the league, hands down. Harbs deserves a couple more rings.

  • Joey_ Breezy
    Joey_ Breezy  2 months ago +3

    The amount of trust and confidence this coach has for his young qb is amazing if only other qbs who have great potential was surrounded by leadership like this

  • Nicholas Caljean
    Nicholas Caljean  2 months ago +3

    Domata Peko is a nice pick up for the DT rotation, especially since Pierce is hurting.

  • bmore charmcity1990
    bmore charmcity1990  2 months ago +12

    I knew lamar was great the night we drafted him screw the media and they fake love

  • Too much Remy
    Too much Remy  2 months ago +12

    John harbaugh seems like he’s getting Lamar fatigue with all the questions about him I hope he realizes it’s a good problem to have when your Qb is a media darling because it means that he doesn’t have to constantly defend him...e.i Matt Nagy and Mitch thrashbisky

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  2 months ago +10

    Love the Heisman package.....Yay RG3

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  2 months ago +14

    Lamar's imprint on Harbs....the team, and this city........IS CRAZY!!!!😎

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  2 months ago +33

    Art Modell would be proud of this team