Rush Limbaugh explains the Trump phenomenon

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 18, 2018
  • On 'Hannity,' radio host says the business of the nation will be halted in Democrats win the House in November.

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  • Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley  15 hours ago +1

    Thank GOD for President Trump. The force of nature became President. The Marxist left is terrified of what he can do to their agenda and they will do ANYTHING to stop him. Anything! Listen up. They WILL DO ANYTHING . . . to stop him. If he wins in 2020, expect an assassination attempt. I once believed civility, decorum, common sense, etc would act as boundaries but we all see what they’ve done. We must fight back. For the rule of law, for our President, for our freedom, FOR OUR COUNTRY!!

  • EDS Transit Scott
    EDS Transit Scott  17 hours ago

    Gettem. Rush , You are the best, Go trump, We need you on X-M as well, A great American, As well as Shaun Hannity

  • frank Smith
    frank Smith  2 days ago

    Socialism always run's out of your money !

  • Marc Turk
    Marc Turk  2 days ago

    Finally a president that works for the people of this country instead of being led around like Howdy dudy,on strings and control sticks being led into disaster by liberal democratic communist socialistic agenda ! Trump is my president hes got my support 2020

  • David Ryba
    David Ryba  4 days ago +1

    Massive deficits. Extramarital affairs. Failed businesses. Liar. Braggart. Should catch fire if he ever stepped into a church. Draft dodger. And worst... cheats at golf.

  • Terry Turner
    Terry Turner  5 days ago

    You can't do work from home, Florida shame on you sounds like a communist movement

  • Joyce Laurito
    Joyce Laurito  7 days ago

    God bless you both greatly in the name of Jesus Christ. 🔝💙🤗❤

  • jeff ouellette
    jeff ouellette  7 days ago

    Here's how America is getting so great wanting to take as a second amendment rights away from citizens. You think you should've already stood up. He ain't done nothing yet you guys are just foolish.

  • jeff ouellette
    jeff ouellette  7 days ago

    I'm fine with Donald Trump I just don't want to see him mocking people.

  • Juan Betancourt
    Juan Betancourt  14 days ago

    Two HorseShit Peddling Lowlife Scumbags

  • Mauritania Thompson

    Trump for President 2020

  • B D
    B D  14 days ago

    Oboma biggest joke ever.

  • Dave Hazelwwood
    Dave Hazelwwood  14 days ago

    Dems blow

  • Dave Hazelwwood
    Dave Hazelwwood  14 days ago

    Rush tells the truth thank god

  • sledge1960
    sledge1960  14 days ago

    I was more or less indifferent to LImbaugh until the left tried to get him shut down. If those animals fear him that much, that is the gauge of his value.

  • chris
    chris  14 days ago

    13K upvotes, OOF

  • Anthony Joshua
    Anthony Joshua  14 days ago +1

    In God we trust
    USA bible believing Christian foundation
    We always support good Christian leader we support Donald J Trump 2020

  • John Corson
    John Corson  14 days ago

    Trump won because he campaigned against globalism, foreign economic invaders taking jobs, and corruption .. that’s what he won on

  • bwnco
    bwnco  14 days ago

    I discovered Limbaugh In 1989. Never knew I was a Love Rush. Love Trump Love America Love my fellow Patriots!

  • WIDave0311
    WIDave0311  14 days ago

    What is the best way to judge the intentions of someone other then by their outcome?