hi you're cool, wanna get bubble tea?

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
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    all music is by sad boy with a laptop

    1. 0:00 - hi you're cool, wanna get bubble tea?
    2. 2:00 - you're my favorite person to be around
    3. 5:38 - let's talk till the sun comes up
    4. 8:50 - i fell for you in a coffee shop
    5. 10:54 - hanako
    6. 14:54 - there's just something about you
    7. 17:58 - silent confessions

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    🎨 Artwork by shelliihe


  • Ambition
    Ambition  a years ago +1113

    Follow sad boy with a laptop on Spotify if you enjoyed this! He only has 800 followers and deserves so many more ♥️

  • DImaneats2 6
    DImaneats2 6  3 hours ago

    Anyone know the chord progression of that first song?

  • diana
    diana  2 days ago +1

    Whats tje song at 10:54? Idk if it’s the artist or song i couldn’t find it

  • - Yuki -
    - Yuki -  3 days ago +1

    I remember , a night of sadness .
    1 year ago .
    Me listening to that video .
    This mix is getting up tears .
    My nostalgia is high right now,
    But my joy too.

  • Donovan Legend
    Donovan Legend  3 days ago +2

    Me: looks up what bubble tea is
    Google: wants to know my location

    google wants to stalk me and get bubble tea <3

  • Crunchy Soda
    Crunchy Soda  6 days ago

    Sure :)

  • Broken.Hearts.Club_Cos

    Doing water color while listening to this <3 giving me inspiration! Drawing bubble tea and fruit :D

  • August xxdxx123 Jonson

    The guy below me loves bubble tea

  • ShuuChi
    ShuuChi  7 days ago +2

    It would be nice if we all could sit down and enjoy bubble tea together in a virtual world and just chill there and make friends uwu maybe I'll make a hangout place just for everyone around who come across to this comment and chill to have some bubble tea? :3

  • Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson  7 days ago +1

    This music and the comments are just so uplifting ^^ Thank you and have a great day x3

  • Jennifer Key
    Jennifer Key  7 days ago +2

    when your dad chokes and dies on bubble tea
    me: watches this

  • be happy :D
    be happy :D  7 days ago

    bubble tea:


    vegan bubble tea:


  • Marcos Vinicíus
    Marcos Vinicíus  7 days ago

    Vim pelo @Erasin brabo

  • lil me tricia
    lil me tricia  7 days ago

    This is helping me with my anxiety and making me think that I'm going to be ok even without her

  • FrostedMocha
    FrostedMocha  7 days ago +1

    i love this comment section and im gonna contribute. i cant resist tbh. I'm sitting here right now, on a skype with you. you live thousands of miles away. you're 5 whole hours ahead of me. i clicked on this one because its got cute cover art and a silly title. you fell asleep, your hand on your face. so silly. right before though, you smiled. you smiled so big and it made my night as i watched you drift off to sleep. I love you.

  • Blossom Subliminal
    Blossom Subliminal  14 days ago

    i know i'm late but if you are from Washington i highly recommend you to go to these 2 boba places and you will not be disappointed
    p.s i don't know if they have these places somewhere else in the united states so if you do see them in your state then i highly recommend you to try them.

    1. over the rainbow tea bar
    this is my absolute favorite place to go get boba from with my friends
    -they have board games in Washington where i'm from and tables so you can hangout there until you get your drinks or after you get your drinks if you just want to hang out with your friends and it is such a great place to hang out
    -their many options to choose from. from boba to sea salt. Sugar levels or ice levels if you don't want that much ice in your drink. my top drink that i always order from here is actually caramel milk tea with boba. i know its kind of basic but i have a really sweet tooth so its perfect for me. but they do cost more than normal boba places. they cost about 5$ to 6$ depending on your toppings. any toppings is 0.50 cent so if you do choose more than 2 toppings than you better bring more money. you can also get egg waffles there and such. i once got a cup full of boba for about 1.50$. i was surprise when they actually give it to me. i haven't got at least one bad time here so i super recommend this place. they have a super cute hangout area.

    2. Sharetea
    this place has incredible drinks and boba flavors to choose from. i don't really like the line there when ever i go here cause it get super long. but its over all a great place when you are visiting Washington. i know i don't write a lot about Sharetea because i haven't really got drinks at this place but i can tell you right now that if you love mango. you should try to mango green tea. super delicious but i wont really spoil the drinks for you. super great place. and service is great too. i recommend this place to you.

    so that's the 2 place i really recommend so let me know what you think of them if you have tried them already :)

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell  14 days ago

    My new pick up line.

  • #minty
    #minty  14 days ago +3

    ok i've never had bubble tea but it sounds fire

  • Unøwn persøn
    Unøwn persøn  14 days ago +2

    sure、but what time?

  • JessyX 55
    JessyX 55  14 days ago

    Me: finds someone I enjoy talking to
    Me: pulls out phone and starts playing this song