Hashtags: #WhyImSingle

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Jimmy reads some of his favorite tweets with the hashtag #WhyImSingle.

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  • Mario Is Number One

    Oh yeah. Being single is an option.

  • Balasaravanan Palanirajh


  • Cropper Copper
    Cropper Copper  2 months ago

    Could Higgins be Jimmy's
    A. Drunk but funny stepdad
    B. Way too involved uncle
    C. Long-lost conjoined twin

  • Emily L
    Emily L  5 months ago

    1:40 out of context seems so wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • James Cyr
    James Cyr  6 months ago +1

    Looks in mirror
    Oh! That's why!

  • Dhruv Trivedi
    Dhruv Trivedi  7 months ago

    That hoodie idea is brilliant and funny

  • Bre Shaw
    Bre Shaw  9 months ago

    I'm a single mom and on my last date when trying to find my ID to order a drink, I pulled out a half eaten apple and a dinosaur toy out of my purse in my search #whyimsingle

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez  10 months ago +1

    My dad is overprotective!

  • vvelasco54
    vvelasco54  10 months ago

    Ahah hahahahaha the one who sat at the wrong table is hilarious!

  • Sailor Candy
    Sailor Candy  11 months ago

    Why I'm single is because I treat my crushes as enimes

  • amy allen
    amy allen  a years ago

    👏👏👏"oops I did it again" genius

  • Ann and Tripp Nagle
    Ann and Tripp Nagle  a years ago +2

    We have a friend who divorced a man named Bob. She then married a different man who was also named Bob, and he is now 20 years later still called "BetterBob" by everyone.

  • Lava Blasst
    Lava Blasst  a years ago

    I nearly spit my milk out when the last one was read 😂😂

  • Natilla
    Natilla  a years ago


  • Zarina A113
    Zarina A113  a years ago +1

    Someone else has seen Doof hacks! And Jimmy likes it too!

  • jed
    jed  a years ago

    I swear i heard sweaty betty before in another hashtags video long time ago lmao ive been watching a lot of this i guess

  • AngelTime Sweet
    AngelTime Sweet  a years ago

    Thank You)!💐

  • mangalovergirl1
    mangalovergirl1  a years ago +1

    Why I’m single:
    1. I finally managed to ask a guy « Wanna grab a bite ? » and he looks at me really confused and asks: « I’m sorry? » I was so nervous (I’m a shy person and it was my first time asking a stranger) that I spoke really fast and he understood: « Wanna grab a bike. » 😭
    2. I ask my parents for date advice. Firstly, they both have complete different opinions. Secondly, they only went out with one person (each other). #relationshipgoal but sadly not a lot of help. xD

  • Carys_jg 13
    Carys_jg 13  a years ago

    Me: I hate being single
    Friend: Want me to set u up?
    Me: Ew no I have to get dressed and talk.

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos  a years ago +1

    So jacksfilms stealing PewDiePie's amazing idea isn't enough, now jimmy fallon is doing it too?! Stop copying LWIAY!!!!1!!1!1!1!!!1!