All Pain, No Gain? - Funhaus Comments #103 (Open Haus Edition)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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  • Edgar Morales
    Edgar Morales  2 months ago +886

    I gotta say, these guys are real DILFS. Especially Elyse.

  • Bulgarian Beast
    Bulgarian Beast  2 months ago +534

    That beach footage of Peake made him look like Aquaman. Does someone at FH have a sewing kit? Peake is RIPPED

  • Dirty Pictures
    Dirty Pictures  2 months ago +394

    I hope Lawrence's migraine passes soon. I do care for his well being, but mostly it's because that beeping sound effect is giving me a migraine of my own. Otherwise great show as always.

  • D4NY BOY
    D4NY BOY  2 months ago +225

    Elyse’s hair in 2005 looks great 👍

  • theInsaneDoctor
    theInsaneDoctor  2 months ago +383

    Is Elyse getting hotter with age? Good for her

  • PimpDaddyJesus
    PimpDaddyJesus  2 months ago +357

    Go and watch “Down with the sickness”! 750k views left :)

  • kimbito
    kimbito  2 months ago +258

    It's okay Lawrence. I get hit with a flashbang before work sometimes too.

  • Misfit 636
    Misfit 636  2 months ago +92

    Elyse looking too cute with that hair 😍

  • EmeraldLady
    EmeraldLady  2 months ago +255

    I am really looking forward to no more migraine edits because they are actually good at triggering the symptoms of a migraine.

  • Veylun
    Veylun  2 months ago +241

    Lawrence migraine edits are my new favourite WHY ARE WE STILL HERE... JUST TO SUFFER?! moments of the videos. Thanks edit person love you xo

  • Maniac's Word
    Maniac's Word  2 months ago +70

    My god look at Elyse! She looks so damn gorgeous!!

  • smallpotatoes
    smallpotatoes  2 months ago +33

    I couldn't really concentrate on this video, all I could see are toned BICEPS and great hair 😩😏👌

  • cl smoove
    cl smoove  2 months ago +58

    Danggggg. Bruce rage is gonna be wild when they upload the open haus they shot last week next year lol

  • Behymer's Bar
    Behymer's Bar  2 months ago +77

    Talkin' Stalkings episode 5 when? We need more avocado Bruce, drunk Lawrence, milk vodka, sledgehammers and most of all Elyse written monologues.

  • Johnny Stash
    Johnny Stash  2 months ago +101

    Anyone else notice how Sexy Elyse's Brain looks today? WOW!

  • Black Hawk Omega
    Black Hawk Omega  2 months ago +28

    Bruce: Sonic has always been trash.
    Also Bruce: I liked the final Game of Thrones season

  • Niko R
    Niko R  2 months ago +46

    Would it be possible (unless its already a thing) to have the editors name in each video? that would be cool to know :D

  • Just Smile
    Just Smile  2 months ago +59

    What a magnificent thumbnail to behold

  • Mr. Internet Man
    Mr. Internet Man  2 months ago +25

    Rumor has it that Lawrence still has a migraine to this day.

  • TSG
    TSG  2 months ago +43

    Bruceface McJamesmouth @3:20 is the stuff of nightmares.
    Wet nightmares.