this video will make you hate Jennie Kim

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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  • Honey Fandoms  4 months ago

    the fact that so many of y’all can’t understand that the video title is clickbait/sarcasm is worrisome, especially since it literally says it’s clickbait it’s in the middle of the video

  • I think u r wrong

  • I understand this, after your comment:)

  • My history with Jennie:•stan Jennie •whole controversy began I questioned if I was stanning the right person•after this video I’m stanning Jennie to another level now

  • Queen Violet  5 months ago

    Joy Dano true like I have no bias in bp o don’t like to pick betwee them but the hate made me lowkey biased to her but now they stupid hate on Lisa made me biased to her too then I realized it’s the the hate that makes you love them more 😂but still I have no Bias and won’t

  • Anzac Adam  5 months ago

    That made me love her more 😊😊😄😄

  • This video will make you love jennie😍😘 at same time it made me hate their manager😑😤

  • Faty Sena  5 days ago

    @King Haq Adhi Same

  • King Haq Adhi  12 days ago

    Same..... me too.....

  • manager: *stops the fan*jennie:*roles eyes*QUEEN

  • Aegon Tan  2 days ago

    If she’s rolling eyes at the MANAGER for doing that. Then praise the queen!

  • Kitty파스텔  3 days ago

    TTTRIXIEE_LLAUSAS 123 roles like a Jennie role.

  • katie bedborough  16 days ago

    MY BIASS😭❤ She's so caring ❤

  • Laura Dias moura  8 days ago

    You like Jennie?Yes=LikeNo=Ignore

  • KK Lum  6 hours ago

    Username FAKE BLINK ALERT. u may not appear on this and say u hate Jennie. Just go away and ignore this comment.

  • NO NEVER EVER !!!!!!!😠😠😠

  • Echo Ryu  5 months ago

    How can smone think this is real title.we live in a century of sarcasm and memes. XD i came here knowing i would watch cute lovely jennie clips

  • yg main rappers  1 months ago

    I am ready to burn comments here when i saw the title but when i watch the video UwU i'm inlove.

  • Echo Ryu  4 months ago

    @_egas calybird then we aren't from the same clickbait universe

  • how many blinks has jennie Kim had? 1 like = jennies blink

  • Vigue Josiane  3 days ago

    Yes me too i am a really blinks i very love blackpink

  • PurpleBun Buns  5 days ago

    @Faty Sena I know ok

  • Itz Chalynn  6 days ago

    This video will make you *HATE* BlackPink's Manager 😂😂😂

  • true as shit lol 😂

  • vaar aaa  23 days ago

    I am not even a blink,but this girl is everything😍 I really love her personality💜

  • Fortnutshell  8 days ago

    Anime Addict101 exactly! She isnt lazy, she gets tired like a normal person!

  • Anime Addict101  13 days ago

    I'm a blink but Jennie is my bias wreaker. Everyone calls her fake and lazy, but Jennie is a talented, hardworking, kind person.