this video will make you hate Jennie Kim

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
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  • Honey Fandoms
    Honey Fandoms  8 days ago +9457

    imagine thinking I could hate this baby
    i hit a creative block, and I hit it bad. so bad that I’m crashing and burning. so any video suggestions is much appreciated.

    • SPM_Dager
      SPM_Dager  9 hours ago

      Honey Fandoms so you don’t hate her thank god

    • Hey ItsKellie
      Hey ItsKellie  14 hours ago

      Honey Fandoms bitch idc

    • Mujahid Omar
      Mujahid Omar  17 hours ago

      You meant is if we watched it we will hate Jennie's manager right pls like it if I'm right

    • Aqua Marine
      Aqua Marine  18 hours ago

      Hi 인녕 언나 저 언니 너무 사랑해요😍😍😍😍

    • Janice Miranda
      Janice Miranda  19 hours ago +1

      i love jennie

  • lizz the gamer
    lizz the gamer  3 minutes ago

    She doenst take the gift because she is in a rush or maybe thier manager what her to not pay attention

  • lizz the gamer
    lizz the gamer  4 minutes ago

    I can never hate this beautiful queen

  • xKxngTe-yox RBLX
    xKxngTe-yox RBLX  9 minutes ago

    They cant recieve gifts from a fan unless they have a meet and greet or something lol cuz its there rules ;_; but now its break soooo itz ok i kinda hate her cuz she loved someone now:c Dont hate me but im still supportive from kai and jennie^^

  • CHOUVANDER [pro]
    CHOUVANDER [pro]  20 minutes ago

    I would never ever hate Jennie kim

  • izzah3
    izzah3  23 minutes ago

    you shoaul say this viideo will make you hate jennie manager

  • ionefly
    ionefly  31 minutes ago

    I'm never gonna hate Dem like neva

  • aren milk
    aren milk  38 minutes ago

    2:16 el fan esta temblando muchísimo cosita jsjsjs:(

  • Ujwala Chirankar
    Ujwala Chirankar  40 minutes ago

    I love u jennie

  • Queen of singging rapping


  • Rochelle Owie
    Rochelle Owie  47 minutes ago

    i love shee moree after i saw this. u hate she? not my problem

  • JadelynB Pups
    JadelynB Pups  54 minutes ago

    This did not make me hate her I love her even more.

  • Emily Nguyen
    Emily Nguyen  an hour ago

    Really? Honestly, she can't take fan mail or girfts because her manager didn't let her, and she tried to and did after he turned away. This video makes me love her more and hate her manager.

  • Francine Alexis Reyes

    Please suggest some vids that would make me hate jennie😂because damn Im so obssess with her!!!

  • Lady Patiag
    Lady Patiag  an hour ago

    How could you say that this video makes me like jennie even more

  • park jimin
    park jimin  an hour ago

    The manger is so rude

  • ale siya
    ale siya  an hour ago

    This video making me more love jennie!!

  • Vivian Chen
    Vivian Chen  an hour ago

    This didn't work....I still love her and her work. She has so much potential and talent. All the haters can just go ahead and eff off

  • Faizah Damit
    Faizah Damit  an hour ago

    I will always cheer for you Jennie no matter what people say about you!😜

  • Sage Hoi ca
    Sage Hoi ca  an hour ago

    this made me tear up mah bby😭💕