BTS (방탄소년단) 'Danger' Official Teaser #2

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 13, 2014
  • 2014.8.20. BTS 1st Full Album 'DARK&WILD' will be Released!BTS Official Homepage http://bts.ibighit.comBTS Blog http://btsblog.ibighit.comBTS Facebook


  • Roro Sung
    Roro Sung  3 years ago +1921

    0:18 When you realize you spent all your money on BTS merch

  • justsinclair
    justsinclair  3 years ago +755

    if you didn't know who bts was when watching this, you would think they were bad boys and held a thug like image. good thing I wasn't fooled for long haha.

  • Suga Taehyung
    Suga Taehyung  5 years ago +246

    To all ARMYs who died after watching this teaser #RIP 🙏

  • Beach! Bitch!?
    Beach! Bitch!?  3 years ago +721

    0:18 Jin be like:
    Shit I forgot to buy groceries.
    I forgot to change Jungkook's diaper.
    My husband can't stop destroying everything.
    My sons can't shut up for a while.
    The expensive cream face that I bought yesterday is now gone.
    I am so done being a mom.

  • Becki Malik
    Becki Malik  5 years ago +948

    why are people complaining about this being 'too mainstream' or 'not hiphop' ? wait for the whole song to be released aiishh 
    beside, i don't expect that their whole songs to be hip hop, sometimes the do something hip hop-ish..
    and this is not 'too mainstream', their not dressed fluffy or doing a too simple dance routine, it's dark and wild for jams' sake!
    anyway, say what you want, they're still bring me the daebak feels ! 

  • Min Holly
    Min Holly  5 years ago +598

    Can the maknae line like stop doing things to me?

  • hilda yuanti
    hilda yuanti  2 years ago +442

    rewatching all the teaser because wings

  • Emily C
    Emily C  5 years ago +187

    Me thinking: "man i cannot wait until this comes out so i can here Suga rap" (my bias)
    And then...
    "Hmm. But V looks like he will do really good. I better keep an eye out for him.
    And then
    "Wow Jimins voice is heavenly, i cant miss out!!"
    And then again
    "Jin, that purple hair, i want to see more of it"
    I'm concluding that BTS is full of complete dorks and bias ruiners. Life cant be simple, it has to be this difficult.

  • Windy Donnie
    Windy Donnie  3 years ago +117

    Kookie singing acapella and then beat drops at V!!! OMG I FANGIRLED WAY TOO MUCH!

  • Vertios
    Vertios  5 years ago +127

    You have no idea on how much I have replayed this teaser. At first it was just pure curiosity, since they'll be promoting at the same time as WINNER I assume? So I watched this teaser and damn bro. This is gonna hit big! I got goosebumps from watching a teaser, never happens to me. 
    I think that this album will be BTS' turning point. Turning point as in gettin' the fame they deserve.. BTS is gonna make it big with this comeback x_x

  • MagicalH2O
    MagicalH2O  5 years ago +193

    I forgot how to breathe halfway through and was hyperventilating so much that I forget what even happened in the last half...
    Time to steel myself and rewatch it~!

  • owhkheii
    owhkheii  5 years ago +83

    I really sense a first win... no matter how much the others say that Taemin, Winner, Secret, BAP, BtoB will all be there. I feel like they will win with this song =") i mean how can they not?! this is really great(im not saying their past songs arent and the other artist arent good) but you know that feeling where your instincts gets really strong? thats how i feel right now >< well, i dont see the big artists that much of a block for their first win since Infinite won their first even if SuJu and other big groups were promoting at the same time with them, so the same fate goes to BTS ♡

  • Gabe Dela Cruz
    Gabe Dela Cruz  5 years ago +78

    Did anyone else noticed that the maknae line are the only one who sang?

  • J2Jooberman
    J2Jooberman  5 years ago +17

    I liked it, but the eye makeup was a bit too "Dark and Wild" for my liking....if you know what I mean.
    Oh my why am I so funny!
    *expects laughter*

  • it's me, Kiddo
    it's me, Kiddo  5 years ago +57

    Why are they so handsome? I feel like a pedo-noona T___T

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares  5 years ago +39

    I'm sorry but I think this fandom will experience the same thing with Say A ( miss A ). Most people are only for Jungkook! They are all talented but I think it would be better if praise them all!

  • B Cha
    B Cha  5 years ago +13

    I can't freaking control my feels. The beat is totally my style. I love how Jimin's voice goes high in here, like WOOHOO! BANGTAN SO NYEON DAN are sooo fine looking and I'm already attracted to this song. BTS fighting! <3

  • xXMFLFXx
    xXMFLFXx  5 years ago +16

    Can we take a minute to appreciate Jimin's voice! I love this style of MV. The vocals sound amazing! Our boys work so hard to give us so many comebacks in one year.

  • breakfastf00d
    breakfastf00d  5 years ago +13


  • Kyuu
    Kyuu  5 years ago +12

    I've watched this like.. at least a hundred times already. All because of V. All because of him... V, Suga, and J-Hope will be the cause of my death come the MV's release. Oh my frigging god.