Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg teach you English slang words. They star in "“Mission: Impossible – Fallout" out in theaters July 27th.

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    Henry Cavill and Simon Pegg Teach You English Slang | Vanity Fair


  • pozzum81
    pozzum81  3 hours ago

    So doofer is like saying chingadera in spanish?

  • Austin Reiss
    Austin Reiss  6 hours ago +1

    5:03 Simon going in for a kiss haha

  • Carlos Alberto Calderon Rios

    No, it´s OK, Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill clearly is all that is lovely in a man.

  • 7,000,000,000 sUbScRiBeRs wItHoUt vEdEo

    That reference to Henry Cavill's stash tho

  • NinJustice
    NinJustice  14 hours ago

    Oh! THAT’s what they meant by ENGLISH slang...

    I like it.

  • GorcStew
    GorcStew  18 hours ago +1

    That voice...If Cavill made books on tape...I would be smart

  • Josey Blanche
    Josey Blanche  yesterday

    I came to see how long it took before seeing a "Henry Cavill is hot" comment and well, they're all Henry Cavill is hot comments...and he is.

  • Tritanium
    Tritanium  yesterday

    Henry is flexing all of his muscles at the same time

  • Brian Lenehan
    Brian Lenehan  yesterday

    Argy bargy is about argueing for a bargain

  • abmong
    abmong  yesterday

    Hey I went to school with that guy! And may or may not have given him a dead arm once... I regret nothing.

  • S C
    S C  yesterday

    I love this comment section. Henry Henry Henry Henry oh wait, what is that bit of skin next to Henry? Poor... ummm..., ummm..... eerrrrrr..... Simon! That’s it! Simon! Tbh he does look like he’s made of all the sperm gone bad that wasn’t good enough to make Henry.

  • Dante Velasquez
    Dante Velasquez  yesterday +1

    Jesus Henry just take off your shirt already

  • Furkan Çeçen
    Furkan Çeçen  yesterday +1

    I think really Henry Cavill is most handsome man in the world.

    B0BBYSW0RLD  2 days ago +5

    Henry cracking up at hard cheese at 2:35 is everything I've ever needed in life😍😍😍

  • melusvic lobo
    melusvic lobo  2 days ago +1

    All About him is a Hottie

  • Benjamin Austnes Narum

    Get Nick Frost in there and the "typical brit" pack would be complete.

  • grandcarriage1
    grandcarriage1  2 days ago +13

    I can’t hear a word over the loudness of HC’s pecs in that shirt

  • Tsunoi Ryobe
    Tsunoi Ryobe  2 days ago

    Y'all saying Henry looks like a renaissance paint, but he lowkey looks like a 30s man Male Model. I look at him and it's like I went back 60y

  • Jorge Neri
    Jorge Neri  3 days ago

    He is much more handsome in this video than in any superman movie. Why?

  • PlayaSinNombre
    PlayaSinNombre  4 days ago

    That last little chuckle, tho...