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  • ngatiramona
    ngatiramona  a years ago +382

    Mike arrives a few hours in country and heads straight to the food portion (of the night market). "The only portion we care about." Its like he sees into our soul. Bless every hungry part of you.😊👍

  • Oni3298
    Oni3298  a years ago +86

    Be honest Mike, how pissed were you when he took that piece of octopus? 😂

  • Jonathan Blade
    Jonathan Blade  a years ago +75

    5:48 Your tour guide's face lights up when you say you lived the food :) So cute

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie  a years ago +284

    Love your videos, Vietnam is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, it looks wonderful.

  • Keven P.
    Keven P.  a years ago +84

    Vietnamese food always has the combination between fragrance , taste, and color. So much to discover. 👍👍👍👍👍Nice job on hitting up OneTrip too :D!!

  • eNemy UAV
    eNemy UAV  a years ago +47

    This guide was ready to chow down with you all the way! i like that lol

  • Tenryuubito
    Tenryuubito  a years ago +59

    Lobster, Wagyu Beef, Hotpot, Pho, BBQ with these as 5 points and hotoil to complete the pentagram. You summon the Mike Chen!

  • Mayor Doctor
    Mayor Doctor  a years ago +40

    Seemed like you got a really good guide showing you some great stuff. Awesome video

  • Infinite Athletics
    Infinite Athletics  a years ago +84

    Shouldn’t have been watching this in the middle of the night...

  • Selina Tran
    Selina Tran  a years ago +34

    Che is any Vietnamese sweet beverage, dessert soup or pudding so Sam Bo Luong is also considered to be a che.

  • Cá Chết
    Cá Chết  a years ago +25

    Vietnamese food is phoking good :3

  • Mikhachu pikachu
    Mikhachu pikachu  a years ago +15

    Why am I watching this at night while im hungry anyone else

  • gamrage
    gamrage  a years ago +13

    Wow.. Mike really seems to love the food in Vietnam. He's doing a pretty long running series on it so far.
    I can understand his hatred of the plastic spoon in sticky rice..

  • mark l
    mark l  a years ago +7

    You need to start to carry your own fork, and chopstick 😄

  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson  a years ago +51

    I LOVE okra! Dad learned about it when his ship ( HMCS Bonaventure) was docked at New Orleans. He later found it at our local grocery store and decided to bring it home to show us what it was like. He gave it a quick boil, took it off the burner while it was bright green, and served it with butter and salt. Instant hit!!! I love it in veggie pasta.

  • SensiStar
    SensiStar  a years ago +20

    Has there ever been things you tried and you absolutely didn't like at all...? I'd like to see a video on that topic lol

  • Nate Le
    Nate Le  a years ago +25

    It’s not enough... your vid is too short mickey

  • marriane joyce rivera
    marriane joyce rivera  a years ago +3

    Vietnam is really something! It has a lot to offer and most of it are delicious!

  • Chef Rafi's Awesome World

    Thanks for the wonderful tour! Now I want to make Vietnamese pizza from my banh mi ingredients. 😊👨‍🍳👍

  • youngjae’s laugh
    youngjae’s laugh  a years ago +82

    The "beef basil thing" is actually called bo la lot and the leaf is actually a betel leaf lol. The more ya know