FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**


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    The Ireland Boys did a Fake Black Friday Employee Prank and got attacked by a shopper on black friday! We dressed up as fake employees like we do on every black friday... and this time we got attacked by a customer while they were shopping on #BlackFriday ! We just want to make people laugh and have some fun on black friday while dressed up as a #FakeEmployee ... COMMENT down below and SMASH the like button if we should do more fake employee pranks and WHERE we should do them!

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  • RatedRRaj
    RatedRRaj  5 hours ago

    The problem is these guys are all a bunch of kids. As soon as that fat cunt touched him he had every right to defend himself because that is assault. He deserved to get knocked out, which he most likely would have in any other situation.

  • Sam Martin
    Sam Martin  5 hours ago

    Mr McCheeserton was walking around towards them scoping out like he thought he was a hero.

  • Untitled-YouTube-Channel

    I really hate the “wanna bet” people, because they never do a dam thing.

  • Dawn Mayer
    Dawn Mayer  6 hours ago

    Yo mr. Cheese u r mozzarella,cheddar,swiss swiss swiss!!!

  • Dawn Mayer
    Dawn Mayer  6 hours ago

    Lol who else thinks it's just cringe until they tell em the truth lol

  • Nicole Morales
    Nicole Morales  9 hours ago

    Ricky: they call u parmesan, cheddar and swiss together
    Me: LMAO😂😂😁😂😂👊👊💞

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen  9 hours ago


  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen  9 hours ago +1

    #blackfriday #fakeemployee

  • Jacob Lea
    Jacob Lea  9 hours ago

    I’m sorry people get so mad what your doing is so funny pls keep it going
    You guys are awesome
    Yee Yee and have a great Christmas

  • TheCyborDude
    TheCyborDude  10 hours ago +1

    Haha 🤣

  • harin g
    harin g  10 hours ago

    i know this is a bad idea but if i was ricky i would sock him like TAKE IT EASY

  • RR Gaming Pros 2
    RR Gaming Pros 2  11 hours ago

    I’m going tell you something mr cheese ain’t gonna break anything

  • Wooosh me
    Wooosh me  14 hours ago

    6:39 sounds familiar, other videos said the exact same thing, pubg is sponsoring everyone

  • Wooosh me
    Wooosh me  14 hours ago

    Big tik toker

  • loli
    loli  14 hours ago

    9:19, dude is presseddd!!

  • tleeg74
    tleeg74  15 hours ago

    These punk bitches are actually cowards who think they are funny.

  • Lieutenant Ontario
    Lieutenant Ontario  18 hours ago

    "You guys have no life"
    My guy you can't say shit when you working at a Macy's 😂

  • Chantel Edison
    Chantel Edison  18 hours ago

    Dude stop causing trouble

  • Matt S
    Matt S  19 hours ago

    I laughed