Five Rules For a Perfect Steak

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 10, 2010
  • Don't sweat cooking steaks...they are really pretty easy. Here are 5 rules that I follow for just about every steak I cook to get them to come up perfect every time.

    1) Know your steak: Filet, New York, Ribeye, etc, all have different qualities and subtleties that you should account for to cook them perfectly
    2) Season the Steak well: Most people don't use enough salt & pepper. Don't skimp
    3) Get a good sear on both sides: Use a hot pan to get the steaks browned on both sides, without over cooking the center
    4) Know your doneness: Use the hand pressure technique to gauge how cooked the steak it. Or a meat thermometer. Don't cut it open.
    5) Let it rest: Gotta give the steak some time for the juices to settle before you cut into it.

    There's lot of other tips and tricks...but these 5 rules are pretty universal for cooking a steak on the grill, in the pan, in the oven.

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  • rando commando
    rando commando  2 hours ago

    I use a thing called a bbq....

  • Jeff Toorish
    Jeff Toorish  3 days ago

    Is this guy actually a chef? Also, a lot of these comments are also by people who are obviously not chefs. Frying pans are great for searing, ovens are for finishing. But, my favorite like here is that a thermometer will puncture a steak and 'driving juice out of the steak.' Seriously? Take a biology course. That is really just a ridiculous statement. I really try to never criticize, and I bet this guy's steaks taste pretty good. But a lot of what he is talking about is just nonsense. Oh, and adding olive oil to a searing hot pan is just a bad idea. If you want to add oil to a hot pan, use peanut oil or grapeseed oil. Olive oil doesn't play well with a really hot pan. Agree with not covering the meat with foil. I mean, about half of this piece of good.

  • John Canistro
    John Canistro  3 days ago +1

    Rule number one make sure the steak is at room temperature.

  • mikeymike
    mikeymike  3 days ago

    Rule 1,,, WHAT Colin H SAID !!!

  • Sheena Vaught
    Sheena Vaught  4 days ago

    Looks amazing don’t know why the comments are so negative

  • rats arsed
    rats arsed  5 days ago

    Idiot puts steak in a frying pan. Rule ONE: discount all his further blather and give him a dislike thumbs down.

  • Joey Jo Jo Shabbadu

    No thanks

  • R B
    R B  7 days ago

    Don't use olive oil for high heat!!! Use sesame or peanut or something designed for HIGH HEAT.

  • Rain Coast
    Rain Coast  7 days ago

    Rule #6 COOK THE DAMNED THING! Its still raw. Don't do the bloody raw meat thing.

  • InSearchOf
    InSearchOf  7 days ago

    The oven part confuses me.

  • romaromina
    romaromina  7 days ago

    do not put oil , it is toxic as soon as it is frying - put pork fat , and o not put sold from the beginning it makes the meet hard sold it goes at the end.

  • joaquim Rodriguez

    That's a good looking steak, how much did it cost you? Like, $12-16 bucks

  • Danny C. Jewell
    Danny C. Jewell  14 days ago

    Be aware of Experts

  • yewwtooob
    yewwtooob  14 days ago

    In a restaurant, most "cooks" salt he'll out of it, but don't scrape the grill. If I pay a $100 for a two steak meal, I expect the 'cook'" to taste a slice. Otherwise, high blood pressure for two reasons.

  • Laki Saki
    Laki Saki  14 days ago

    I’m cooking an A5 japanese wagyu steak

  • John Smith
    John Smith  21 days ago +1

    I don't know what's happened in the last 10-15 years.... but I can't stand how people fix steak these days.
    All you need is a grill, or a cast iron skillet. Baking steak just isn't American.

  • Addemann
    Addemann  21 days ago +9

    It's amazing how every world class chef appears in the comments when someone puts up a video of cooking a steak.

  • James Warren
    James Warren  21 days ago

    IT is the golden rule. That hand business is BS.
    Different hands different feel

  • Moses Hinton Jr.
    Moses Hinton Jr.  21 days ago

    I 1der do u have 2 wash it or do u have 2 wash the meat b4 u start seasoning it & cooking it.

    Please tell me what 2 do it b4 u do it .

    Thank u !

  • george Jones
    george Jones  21 days ago

    hot dry pan, yes,no oil, the oil is on the steak with the salt and pepper,cook fast, rest long, test with finger and thumb, trick is stop cooking before you think its done as rest period will bring it perfection, oh no drop the foil, put it in a oven at 50c on a plate, do not cover with foil as it will sweat,.best to air dry not poach it in foil. erm hello