Stephen A.: LeBron James will never eclipse Kobe Bryant in L.A.. | First Take | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 3, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James will never eclipse Kobe Bryant in L.A. because of what Kobe was able to accomplish after Shaquille O'Neal left the Lakers.

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  • Juxhin Veizi
    Juxhin Veizi  3 hours ago

    Someone please take the boxing guy out of bball conversations... Its just irritating . a teenager could read stat sheets and come up with same or better arguments. Put a basketball guy to talk about basketball man its not that hard . #lebronisntthegoat

  • dehydratedwater
    dehydratedwater  12 hours ago

    Jordan and kobe would average 45+ a game now! And with all the new techniques and medicine they both woulda played as long as LeBron is!

  • Jr Ryder
    Jr Ryder  19 hours ago

    Lebron is better than Kobe. Kobe fans are idiots because they always think that Kobrick is something special 😂😂

  • Sang Yang
    Sang Yang  23 hours ago

    Wtf did he say. He said Kobe was better than Jordan at an early age. First 3 years Jordan was a house hold name already max. Better average than Kobe the first 3 years😂😂😂. This guy needs to get the hell out of sports😂😂😂. And he said Jordan is slightly better than Kobe 😂😂😂. People gotta realize Jordan is chasing no one but every one is trying to chase jordan😂😂😂 and u don’t ever hear anyone say wanna be like Kobe and Lebrun but everyone wanted to be like mike😂😂😂. Everyone is always trying to find the next Jordan. Not the next magic, bird, Kareem, chamberlin, Shaq, Kobe or Russell but trying to find the next jordan😂😂😂

  • lifetimeskater24
    lifetimeskater24  yesterday

    WTF is Max talking about? Real Kobe fans respect Jordan. While I do believe in a game of 1 on 1, Kobe could actually beat Jordan, I do believe Jordan had a more successful career than Kobe due to a having bit more maturity at an early age, and overall better judgement on the basketball court. By better judgement, i mean Jordan was more disciplined on the the offensive side of the ball than Kobe. He didn't take those super long 2-pt or 3-pt fadeaways with 6 hands in his face lol Kobe did a lot of that and that was one thing I always wished he would stop doing. Other than that, he is still my hero.

    DIFFERENT NAME  yesterday

    Did max just say that Kobe was better when he was younger okay Jordan averaged 28 points as a rookie

  • Iso UNGUARD able
    Iso UNGUARD able  yesterday +1

    lebron is essentially a guest in LA. Its never gonna really have the same feel, especially since he is retired now. kobe got it i think he is honestly the most loved laker by lakers fans ever period. u cant be better than kobe in l.a. unless your last name is jordan

  • Picasso VVIX
    Picasso VVIX  2 days ago

    Haha bahahaha jahhahajaha funny

  • varnel lamaute
    varnel lamaute  2 days ago

    The disrespect to Kobe makes me sick! It's jealousy at the end of the day.

  • Sean Ferdinands
    Sean Ferdinands  2 days ago

    Kobe would beat Lebron one on one and lebron will never come close to Kobe’s legacy! Kobe is a killer just like MJ. Lebron would not cut it mentally.

  • Jewry Hernandez
    Jewry Hernandez  3 days ago

    I will never say LeBron is the greatest, Kobe never left the Lakers to win championships, Michael never left the Bulls to win, ever!!!

  • Pascall Williams
    Pascall Williams  3 days ago

    Y is this even a reallt

  • Rueben Zamora
    Rueben Zamora  3 days ago

    Kobe was so sick.

  • BMWD4
    BMWD4  4 days ago

    Kobe most skilled player all time. Jordan GOAT.
    Lebron plays in inflated offensive era which makes his stats better then it appears.

  • D3X / DevolvR
    D3X / DevolvR  4 days ago

    Black Mamba > LBJ
    Black Cat (MJ) > Black Mamba

  • クリエーターNagasode

    Kobe was better and greater than Jordan, from an LA native and Lakeshow fan!! fuck outta here

  • The Moderator
    The Moderator  6 days ago

    What kind of take was this

  • Godwayne Songalia
    Godwayne Songalia  6 days ago

    I'd pick Kobe over Lebron because of his skill and mentality while playing basketball. Kobe is just different than Lebron. He is more exciting to watch especially when he was on fire or when he locks someone up in an entire quarter. His level of play and that fiery look in his eyes just cannot be seen in Lebron.
    These are three thoughts of mine that put Kobe over Lebron:
    1. Kobe had another kind of mentality that Lebron doesn't have. The Mamba Mentality in which its purpose is to be the best version of yourself. Lebron isn't currently the best version of himself because of old habits like playing in a Lebron system. You will only truly know you are better than who you were back in 2011 (Yes Im talking about that) if you actually played in an NBA system that the coach creates. Also mentality is also like IQ and EQ of the game. Kobe used his emotions to better enhance his IQ especially during clutch times and basically to play better.Mentality is that will to win whether blow-out or not. Lebron just doesn't have that yet. The will to win and be in GODMODE in clutch time as we say it.
    2. Kobe has far more superior offensive and defensive fundamentals than lebron. This makes him get out of double teams, or when you get stuck in a play. It helps you get out of sticky situations. Fundamentals are far more superior than physical attributes and talent. Tim Duncan is a big example of that.
    3. Kobe's impact on the game is far more superior than Lebron. Never have i ever seen Lebron turn the tides by himself.Kobe just has that assassin style of play. I saw him once just put his heart out on defense and just do the same on offense. Now that is impact. GSW is also a team that relies on the impact of every player on the court. If Curry cant shoot, they give it to Klay and make Curry focus on something else, to have an impact on the game doing something else. Kobe is like GSW in a way. Lebron has never been that type of player.

  • The Carnage
    The Carnage  6 days ago

    1. MJ
    2. Kareem
    3. Shaq
    4. Kobe
    5. LeBron

  • kmdp
    kmdp  7 days ago

    Shaq was gone because he was not putting in the work and eating cheeseburgers.. so stop making Kobe look bad Steven A. sometimes I feel like you belong next Steve Urkel. lol