Del City Says we Have to go + Snake Intruder!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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  • Zakeem Lott  2 months ago

    The bird was warning you about the snake

  • Dennis Copp II  2 months ago

    @John Chambers you forgot the lot lizard and her pimp

  • Zakeem Lott  2 months ago

    @John Chambers 😂😂😂😂😂 all of them

  • Joes Golden Garage  2 months ago

    City has probably tried to buy this land from your landlord. Maybe they are pissed about that

  • Brian Peterson  2 months ago

    Fuck that i would move dude

  • biljerr  2 months ago

    It be nice if that were the case but they do the same to residential properties we were cited for owning too many bikes and having 3 lawnmowers and when we tried to fight them they demanded we have our home and utilities inspected wich failed and to keep from being evicted we paid to do the most retarded repairs to our house like replacing bedroom doors windows, and wrapping our water lines and that was just a start. Del **** loves money pay or leave

  • METALMAN4Wii  2 months ago

    Dude just get out of there, listen to the bird.

  • Mckenna  1 months ago

    @commonman80 what the fuck?

  • commonman80  2 months ago

    It Wasn't The Bird That Was Telling Him To Get Out.. The Bird Was Telling Him To Basically Listen To His Thoughts. That's Why It Wouldn't Leave Until He "WOKE THE FUCK UP".. (So To Speak.) It Was The (BROWN) Snake And The Two Derelicts That Were Telling Him/Symbols Of, It's Time To Move On. The Brown Snake Was Telling Him There's Better And Brighter Things A Head Of Him. The Addict And The Guy With The Gold Teeth Were Signs/Symbols That It's Now Time To Move On..They Liked His Spirit So They'...

  • Bass Tj Fishing  2 months ago

    Take it as a good thing and get out while you can. Just find a better place closer to home.

  • AICS USA  2 months ago

    Time to go! The landlord needs to repay you for everything since it is an illegal structure he is not allowed to rent it out. You should ask for ALL your expenses!

  • mr.potato head  2 months ago

    @AICS USA so what is your "legal" adviceI told him to move and not look for a legal battle. YOU keep egging him on and telling him the landlord is legally responsible.

  • yamahonkawazuki  2 months ago

    @AICS USA Bing a JD ( which i assume is Juris Doctor?) and probably the only atty here. whether that is true or not is irrelevant. youve made more sense than some of these other wannabe lawyers in this section. thank you.

  • UnWrecked  2 months ago

    Quote of the day "I know a crackhead when I see one"

  • Peter Dishon  11 days ago


  • lucas liu  2 months ago

    Catch u Both lol

  • LeonW w  2 months ago


  • Jack Wolfman  2 months ago

    @Scott Warmbier kick back ...a Dozen donuts a week. 😂🍩🍩🍩🍩😂😂😂😂

  • Scott Warmbier  2 months ago

    or simply the building torn down - there's probably an "interested" party that wants the land - they'll put a Burger King or an auto parts store there. Much more tax revenue and likely a kick back to the guy Randy spoke with...

  • 1964corvan  2 months ago

    you bought a house.......thats in the HOA!? might as well just let people kick you in the nuts.....

  • Jason  2 months ago

    @Kurt Watson That is what I have seen, over and over. Homeowners or tenants who let their property go, are lazy and let it fall apart. Once that starts, other people unbelievably follow suit. I guess they figure that if one person gets by with it then they can do it to. Disappointing.

  • Kurt Watson  2 months ago

    We bought a house in a neighborhood without an HOA. Big regret. Neighbors with 10 junk cars, no garbage service - They just throw their garbage into their yard and let their dogs spread it all over. Then the wind blows it all over the neighborhood. The city does nothing. property values dropping because of several houses like this.

  • 1956model  2 months ago

    Have your attorney go after the landlord to recoup every dime you've paid in rent AND every cent you've invested in the place. He should have disclosed what you could and could not do on the property. Do NOT let him profit from this! I know you're probably thinking you'll just let it go, but Randy, you can't afford this right now. Too bad you rented the new house. You could have found someplace in the country that had both a beautiful home and a large garage/shop/barn. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Carr...

  • Ralph Burrows  2 months ago

    right on. lawyer will get shit done

  • Joe Robinsin  2 months ago

    I agree wit u 100% rentin is money gone find u a place away from there but the owner knew wat was goin on ..jus a sorry cocksucker..good luck to u

  • Eric Gonzalez  2 months ago

    Two words for yaDue DiligenceIt's a thing. Now we know why rent was so low

  • John Miles  2 months ago

    In my city you need a permet be for you move in.Beside all his video have to have Dramo that his deal. !