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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 22, 2018
  • OLED? You've got the potential of burn in. QLED? It's expensive and only Samsung makes it. But which one is better?

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  • howo357
    howo357  yesterday

    Qled is LCD? LED is in the name

  • Adahn Grey
    Adahn Grey  yesterday

    Oled - I'm the fan of panasonic fz950 series...

  • DKTV Web
    DKTV Web  yesterday

    Awesome Comparison 👍🏿

  • Dhruv Pandey
    Dhruv Pandey  yesterday

    Sony 4k LCD or samsung the frame (QLED) which one has better display quality?? Anyone??

  • Test Kanal
    Test Kanal  2 days ago +1

    OLED is in his infancy. In 8-10 years you can buy an OLED. i want to use it also as a frame for photos and paintings, burn-ins are there a no go. you buy a tv for round about 10 years and burn-in danger is too big for me. OLED has a little bit better black, QLED has a better white. If you see comparisons, you'll find that OLEDs have too much color saturation. People love the strong colors. But QLED's colors are closer to real life. Ask yourself at every picture comparison: How would it look in real?

  • Chris G
    Chris G  2 days ago

    I miss my plasma TV

  • MrHuckabst
    MrHuckabst  2 days ago +1

    Thanks YouTube. Your commercial made me lose my spot in the comments

  • Wade Williams
    Wade Williams  2 days ago

    Just bought a 65” 4K QLED! Seems to be better overall.

  • PETA 69
    PETA 69  3 days ago

    Amoled, bitch.

  • CanadianMMI
    CanadianMMI  3 days ago

    Sooooooooo which ones better

  • CanadianMMI
    CanadianMMI  3 days ago

    OLED is supposedly better in dark rooms but they’re so much more expensive than QLEDs

  • Jon Carney
    Jon Carney  3 days ago

    LED needs ridiculous brightness to literally fool your eyes into thinking non-blacks are truly black. LED contrast ratio can't compete with OLED which is why OLED does not need to get stupidly bright.

  • dell177
    dell177  3 days ago

    I have a 7 year old 50" Panasonic Plasma TV the still has a very good picture. I would like to eventually replace it with a OLED set but the smallest I've seen are 55". I don't have room for a 55" and honestly would be happy with 42" but nobody makes OLED's in 50" or lower sizes.

  • Kelli Smith
    Kelli Smith  4 days ago

    I’m a gamer and I love my animated movies. I’m getting a 50” Vizio QLED Tv for Christmas. Super excited! And I’m using my PS4 pro for both my games and movies since it’s the only blu Ray player I have.

  • Jo Ubi
    Jo Ubi  4 days ago

    Nov 2019 I went for a QLed, 1.100 dollars less than the OLED 65" available here(name brand, with a 10 year burn guarantee)... the price difference was too much right now....

  • Shock
    Shock  4 days ago

    bit of an exaggeration about oled in a lit room. at bestbuy oled destroys qled's picture quality, oled's superior contrast is not affected

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un  5 days ago

    What TVs are on this video???
    These TVs are nice!

  • terrym45
    terrym45  5 days ago

    Photographers are starting to go fo QLED for monitors. They beat the pants off any other except the OLED which are almost 3X better in HDR but the OLEDs are unsuitable for a processing monitor because of the burn in. For myTV The LG 55” OLED is the only picture (in a bright showroom ) that I could actually pick out from an unknown series of sets. In a very positive way. I bought it. I found setup is important as covers many of the issues mentioned.

  • Retr0 Vibes
    Retr0 Vibes  6 days ago

    I'm a gamer girl and sometimes if a game is really good i'm on that game for 10 to 12 hours when i'm off. sooooo yeah i will get the QLED for now.

  • Sjrick
    Sjrick  7 days ago

    There is NO difference. I just saved you 10 minutes of your life