Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • For today's cook it is a different and weird experiment that I can not believe it happened. Like always family is family and we love cooking. I am teaching more and more to my nephew Angel and today the went on this own to cook up something for dinner, but as always he likes a little twist.
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    The 1 1/2 inch steak 7min @ (350°F / 177°C)
    The 1/2 inch wagyu 2min @ (350°F / 177°C)

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    * Beef FAT

    * Steaks by Grand Western Steaks
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  • Grand Western Steaks
    Grand Western Steaks  8 months ago +1345

    Promo Alert!! $61 per Steak on for the next 3 weeks!!

  • David Cabrera Martinez

    I want more videos like this one

  • ryno nunya
    ryno nunya  3 hours ago

    no sir!!!

  • The Narcadian Order
    The Narcadian Order  5 hours ago

    That look on Guga's face. Priceless

  • Agustin Quindimil
    Agustin Quindimil  5 hours ago

    Angelo is a cool guy

  • farolito74
    farolito74  18 hours ago

    You done good man

  • Anthony Jimenez
    Anthony Jimenez  23 hours ago

    So... did he let him upload the video ?

  • 峎羽
    峎羽  23 hours ago

    This is really good for me. Bc ppl like me can never have a BBQ like you guys, and it means we can never image we can have any similar steak. But now, I think I can picture it by using fried the way that I can do<3 Thank you!

  • Husk
    Husk  yesterday

    Next up: Deep fried dry aged wagyu?

  • Husk
    Husk  yesterday

    I one day hope to reach a point where I too can answer the question "is it expensive?" with "Who cares?"

  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler  yesterday

    I'm to broke for this

  • matthew cano Jaja miron

    The expression on his face when he said you fried it 😶

  • bsmb091011 B
    bsmb091011 B  yesterday

    Should've made it country fried steak style

  • Arnie Carr
    Arnie Carr  yesterday

    good Job Angel

  • Beerus The god of destruction

    Deep fried steak. I mean you can deep fry anything and it’ll be good to me

  • owelic
    owelic  yesterday

    lol nice

  • One Autumn Leaf
    One Autumn Leaf  yesterday

    When you deep fry 50% fat. Murica

  • Malkaking
    Malkaking  yesterday

    XD excellent videoi was wondering should i try this

  • SkullKid3051
    SkullKid3051  yesterday

    Are you guys Hispanic or Italian??? I am so confused...

  • Don Tomazo
    Don Tomazo  2 days ago

    I have never seen anyone cook with gloves at home. I use gloves at work. But never at home