10 Movie Theories That Actors Actually Find Funny

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 4, 2017
  • What theory does Tom Holland think is funny from Spiderman Homecoming? 10 Movie Theories That Actors Actually Find Funny! Subscribe to our channel : http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6Description: We here at Screen Rant love a good fan theory. It’s amazing to see some of the hard work that has gone into mining obscure details to link two movies together or expose something about a film that no one else thought about. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favourite movie theories and revealing the responses that actors, writers, and directors have had to these fan-made connections. With Spiderman: Homecoming just around the corner, we’ll be looking at fan theories that have already spun their web around the latest reboot. We’ll also take a look at some Disney classics like Toy Story and Aladdin, the latter of which features a theory that went unaddressed for decades! Classics like Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and Titanic also made our list - and no, we aren’t talking about the fan theory that Rose could have shared the plank with Jack. We’re still far too broken up about it to even go there. Franchises like Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, and Jurassic Park round out this list - with a few fun additions thrown in there, including a truly wild fan theory about High School Musical. Trust us, you don’t have to be a fan of the direct-to-TV tween musical to break your brain obsessing over this hilarious theory. Enjoy this video about “10 Movie Theories that Actors Actually Find Funny” and be sure to like, favourite, and comment on the video. If you enjoy this list, subscribe to Screen Rant and join the notification squad for more videos just like this one! Script by: Benjamin HarrisVoice Over by: Benjamin HarrisEdited by: Martin BaenaFeaturing: Jurassic World | 0:42Titanic | 1:43The Star War | 2:52High School Purge | 4:04Aladdin | 5:14Toy Story | 6:23Star Trek and Sherlock | 7:23Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | 8:36Pulp Fiction | 9:45Spider-Man: Homecoming | 10:52Our Social Media: https://twitter.com/screenrant https://www.facebook.com/ScreenRant https://plus.google.com/ ScreenRant Our Website http://screenrant.com/


  • what if that kid from toy story is actually trying to put them in the incinirator because he finds them demonic and he's working there because he wants the satisfaction of sending then there

  • IceVoyager  24 days ago

    That makes a lot of sense

  • Tiana Pi Tesr  1 years ago

    so disappointed in all of it!

  • Do transformers get car insurance or health insurance?

  • TROND THORVALDSEN  26 days ago


  • Jauz DjEloy03  8 months ago

    Pokemon lover/ Minecraft lover or is there care insurance is there’s health insurance

  • Solo Lay  1 years ago

    of all the 10 there is only one that the actor responded. Chris Pratt

  • God of the Cripples  10 months ago

    3, but i get your point.

  • DroidM4Ever 365  1 years ago

    Chris Pratt and Ahmed Best (Jar Jar)

  • Samantha Collins  2 years ago

    I saw Spidey, I clicked.

  • randomfangirl sio  1 years ago

    Samantha Collins same

  • Cameran Lezzi  1 years ago

    Samantha Collins same 😹😹

  • Kye Brunetta  2 years ago

    Imagine a transformer that was a train

  • Soma Yukihira  10 months ago

    Thomas the Train lol

  • LT Studios  12 months ago

    that'd be weird

  • My theory is that a movie... HAS A PLOT!

  • Website User000  1 years ago

    Everything makes so much sense, now.

  • JaxRyz _3  1 years ago

    That is not possible

  • Mcoodles Films  1 years ago

    the kid in Iron Man 2 is Peter Parker!

  • Johnny Johnny  1 months ago

    It is true.

  • Stealthabotte  2 years ago

    What if the kid in Jurassic Park wasn't Chris Pratt's character, but instead was Vincent D'onfrio's character?

  • RPG Is Life  12 months ago

    Stealthabotte Oh my God, that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw that entry! But when they said Owen, I was like naw.

  • Barry Alan  1 years ago

    Stealthabotte who does he play

  • RyuChief  2 years ago

    I think Pikachu is actually Thor's dad instead of Odin!

  • Kiran 13  8 months ago

    Pikachu is the son of thor

  • Ewezyr  9 months ago

    I think it is that Thor is Pokachu's dad (only after i saw this comment)

  • Ninjagai  2 years ago

    Instant fan theory:Whatever happens in a movie, it's all an illusion of someone about to die.