Nobody Should Say This To Their Mom

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 23, 2018
  • Check out my new podcast! Here are links to the first 2 episodes:►episode 1:►episode 2: on the Terrible Instagram Comedy Show, we talk about Andrea Espada: an innovator in the world of butt-centric comedy, a master of one and a half languages, and a mother of a son who she probably shouldn't involve in her videos the way that she does. Her instagram: ► to Danny Gonzalez for filming a quick bit for this video and telling me he didn't mind that my opening sketch is very similar to one he made a few months ago. His channel: ► my merch: me:twitter - - - me expose jake paul's scam (that no one is still talking about wtf):► me roast the world's worst life hacks:►


  • Stevie Nines
    Stevie Nines  5 months ago +3110

    Who names a kid Tsunami? What's her brother's name, Hurricane?

  • Zippy
    Zippy  3 months ago +4244

    How to be funny on Instagram:
    1.) Be born attractive.

  • ellie
    ellie  2 months ago +1399

    "Canceling the 14 Shrek sequels they had planned, saying their was simply too much interest"

  • ineffablesbians
    ineffablesbians  2 months ago +857

    son: points to his mom now thats MY kind of girl!
    S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A

  • Sapphire Marie
    Sapphire Marie  7 months ago +2156

    "I understand it's like clickbait and stuff, but I just think it would be really funny if she, like, froze to death."
    He said it so chill, I just about died.

  • Abby Pipes
    Abby Pipes  7 months ago +1903

    Ummm, why do those AirPods in the background have wires?

  • Young In
    Young In  5 months ago +954

    I’m not saying that this woman has sex with her kid...
    But I’m not not saying it.

  • Alex Zablah
    Alex Zablah  5 months ago +894

    I understand the people offended by the sexualization of the woman, but my question is why the lady has to get approval on how she looks from a pipsqueak five year old even within the context of the video she made.

  • Ana Clara Azevedo
    Ana Clara Azevedo  10 months ago +9519

    a hypersexualized crazy and possessive latina woman in a instagram comedy video???? oh that's new!

  • Shruti Shah
    Shruti Shah  4 months ago +634

    Hey drew! What's the name of the shade of lipstick that you're wearing? It's absolutely beautiful! :)

  • stoophanie
    stoophanie  6 months ago +794

    my name backwards is gerg

  • Sora
    Sora  7 months ago +817

    You'd think that if she only had 4 bras she'd know what they looked like

  • Justin Shields
    Justin Shields  3 months ago +352

    8:27 great censoring job👍🏼

  • Seth Cereal
    Seth Cereal  4 months ago +232

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  • Rah Kate
    Rah Kate  1 months ago +149

    Are you from the road work ahead vine? Oh never mind, that's someone else. Sorry Danny

  • I am dead inside
    I am dead inside  6 months ago +749

    "I think it would be like really funny if she froze to death." - Drew Gooden, 2018

  • Julia K
    Julia K  2 months ago +131

    Hey drew, can you tell us in a video where you got them curves? Cause DAMN

  • thnks fr th dprssn
    thnks fr th dprssn  9 months ago +3562

    why do I feel like drew just filled that beer bottle with water

  • Alexa S.
    Alexa S.  4 months ago +219

    She tries the "Modern Family" vibe and overplays it.

  • Eve Clark
    Eve Clark  5 months ago +290

    ‘The last time I had a beer was my 13th birthday and I blacked out for a week’
    Distant laughter from the UK