Nobody Should Say This To Their Mom

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 23, 2018
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    Today on the Terrible Instagram Comedy Show, we talk about Andrea Espada: an innovator in the world of butt-centric comedy, a master of one and a half languages, and a mother of a son who she probably shouldn't involve in her videos the way that she does.
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    Thanks to Danny Gonzalez for filming a quick bit for this video and telling me he didn't mind that my opening sketch is very similar to one he made a few months ago.
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  • The Bronx Boglehead

    My wife doesn’t like her because all of her videos just reinforce every Latina stereotype.

  • Lex the lynx
    Lex the lynx  6 hours ago

    Bro that’s not bad luck it’s just lack of foresight

  • Issaca Pomerance-Trifts

    OH MY GOD MY ALEXA PICKED UP YOUR JOKE AT 0:09 AND SUDDENLY WENT "I can't find 'The national anthem with fireworks' in your music library" AND I GOT SO STARTLED

  • MatthewBurmeister3000

    wow i had an echo dot and it heard the video and started a firework complation

  • Charlene Ortiz Training

    Her little girl is gorgeous. Too bad she's gonna raise her to be a ho.

  • Penny from kindergarten

    the last shred of straight in me belongs to drew gooden

  • Sean Estey
    Sean Estey  23 hours ago +1

    11:22 I was puting together my keyboard and picked up the letter B lol

  • Stormageddon
    Stormageddon  yesterday

    My Alexa is playing God Save The Queen. Thanks Drew, very cool

  • Certified Entertainment 254

    tag two friends
    Drew Gooden: tags FBI and Police

  • The Beaked Doctor

    Okay, but why does that woman not know what her own bras look like to the point of not recognizing them. If you held one of my bras out to me and asked if it was mine It would take maybe a second of looking at it to tell if it belongs to me.

  • retarded aunt
    retarded aunt  yesterday

    960 people missed their 360 no scope

  • SurviveOrDie
    SurviveOrDie  2 days ago

    When he said “Alexa play the national anthem” it activated mine and here I am, listing to the star spangled banner.

  • sailorjoonッ
    sailorjoonッ  3 days ago

    🚬✌🏻S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A🚬✌🏻

  • - s a r a h b -
    - s a r a h b -  4 days ago +1

    imagine getting asked out on a date & saying yes thats so desperate 😔🖐️

  • Blue Collar Men Productions

    .09 centimeters lmao

  • PinkPalladian Allura

    5:21 Those ranger in time books were the shit

  • caitron neery
    caitron neery  5 days ago +1

    Are you implying if she was talking to osama bin laden that means she doesn’t love him anymore? Lmao

  • Alaina Schneider
    Alaina Schneider  5 days ago

    The modern version of oedipis

  • naota3k
    naota3k  6 days ago


  • Crunchy Ramen
    Crunchy Ramen  6 days ago

    I spun around and clicked the like button. I hope this will suffice.