Piano Bar: Smooth Jazz Club at Midnight Buddha Café

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2013
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    The first track ("Glee", AKA Yoga Dream) was used in the recent blockbuster movie "John Wick 3 - Parabellum" starring Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry.

    Enjoy this Pianobar Soft Songs, Drinks & Cocktail Ibiza Party 2013, Beach Bar Sueño del Mar Soothing Piano Music Collection, Jazz Club Cafè in Solo Piano Music, Swing & Blues Style Music played by Soft Piano for Lounge Pink Cocktail Bar in Ibiza Sunset or New York Big Apple Club Cafè Party Night, Instrumental Music New Songs for Lounge Entertainment Night

    Tracklist of the video:
    1: Glee (14)
    2: Relaxation (Relaxing Summer Piano Music)(n.6)
    3: Ibiza Piano Bar (n.1)
    4: The Cult of Piano (n.7)
    5: Mood Music Cafè (n.11)
    6: Summer Piano Bar (Piano Party Music Delux) (n.9)
    7: Secret Life of the Sea (Ibiza 2013 Piano Bar Music) (n.13)
    8: Beach Bar of Love (n.4)


  • Chillout Lounge Relax - Ambient Music Mix

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  • Beyond Birthday
    Beyond Birthday  7 days ago

    Vim por my girl

    ADRIELINI 2.0  14 days ago

    i love this music

  • Les Camerounais
    Les Camerounais  1 months ago

    I wiil open a jazz bar in this life or the next!

  • Birdman_
    Birdman_  1 months ago +1

    Holding hands with a love I lost, watching how the moonlight makes her pale skin glow and the shadows of the passing clouds play across our twined fingers. The freckles across her nose, and the perfect curves of her lips. The reflections of the dim light in her deep brown eyes, and her hair falling back just so over her shoulders, a gentle smile on her face.


  • Leonila Medina
    Leonila Medina  1 months ago

    This kind of music it reminds me when i was 18 years old, 28 years ago my first job in Cafe Au Lait (steak house), The steak house was dark room and a candle light with a Piano music or sometimes played jazz, while drinking their wine and talking softly, specially the partners who private dating, very romantic.

  • HandsOffStalker
    HandsOffStalker  1 months ago

    Because of this song, I managed to finish my artwork

  • John Smith
    John Smith  1 months ago

    why is everything so autotuned now?

  • Angel Duarte
    Angel Duarte  1 months ago


  • Rorschach
    Rorschach  1 months ago

    Every Piano Chord is like an Orgasm

  • Le Random PC Gamer
    Le Random PC Gamer  1 months ago

    SEXSEXSEXSEXISALLICANTHINKABOOOOOUUUUUUUUUT OAH YES I just got an erection watching my daughter will come back here after the rape,

  • Khanh Pham
    Khanh Pham  1 months ago

    I am sitting alone, with a tone in tune,

  • Sean Hardy
    Sean Hardy  1 months ago +3

    When I hear this, I imagine nothing. No dingy bar, no smooth-talking. I love my life and I sure as hell don't need some fantasy to appreciate great music. Why does everyone feel the need to make up stories to cope with reality? There's plenty of fun to be had in this decade, there are loads of people enjoying this music, we shouldn't need to invent a reality greater than the one we live in. So enjoy your life, and appreciate that someone in the future might be dreaming about living in these times.

  • RealKookieGames
    RealKookieGames  1 months ago

    I don't know why but the sound of a piano always make me think of the universe.

  • j jim
    j jim  1 months ago

    Took me to a whole another world 🌑

  • Delvin William
    Delvin William  1 months ago

    when I listen to jazz, I imagine a dark, cold temperature room, with spotlight on the band. just whisky on the glass. people there didn’t talk, they just vibe, someone sleeping laying his head on the table. everyone at the bar have a feeling or hunch that the bar will be closed soon because it is out of date, something classic about the bar makes them wanna stay even longer, scared for death that they might not be able to vibe anymore. in the end, the music blends the collective mood and anxiety into unique atmosphere, and everyone have peace at last

  • Edward Hanch
    Edward Hanch  1 months ago

    See you space cowboy

  • Rafael Isaac
    Rafael Isaac  1 months ago

    lanso a braba

  • udlinennyy cherep
    udlinennyy cherep  2 months ago

    I know no one asked, but when I hear this I imagine myself stiffly sitting down on my couch after committing a horrible crime. Staring blankly at the wall, thinking back to the act itself and the consequences of it. Staring down at my own hands, realizing what they, what I have done. This act, caused by a society not willing to accept me for being slightly different. All these suppressed gripes, eventually bubbling over in a violent, outrageous act that will surely seal my place in society. That place being someone who could not control themselves. I will never redeem myself. Because there are bloodstains on my hands. And bloodstains on my brain, bloodstains that will never disappear. And outside it is snowing and i'm wearing a hoodie :)

  • Ludvig Bjellebeck
    Ludvig Bjellebeck  2 months ago

    1925. You're sitting at a table at the local pub, this music is playing in the background. It is winter. Occasionally a new customer brings some of the cold and snowy winds into the warm and cozy pub as the door opens and closes. People are laughing in the background. You see the bartender catching up with some of the old locals that always go here on Saturdays. Your beer is finished, you buy another. A couple is sharing a bottle of Chardonnay at the other end of the room. The local butcher is having a conversation with the mathematics teacher from your old school. A group of people are standing outside in their thick winter coats, smoking with haste, in order to return to the warmth the pub has to offer. You are enjoying yourself. You will come back here next Saturday.