Piano Bar: Smooth Jazz Club at Midnight Buddha Café

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2013
  • Find this music on the link below:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ibi...The first track ("Glee", AKA Yoga Dream) was used in the recent blockbuster movie "John Wick 3 - Parabellum" starring Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry.Enjoy this Pianobar Soft Songs, Drinks & Cocktail Ibiza Party 2013, Beach Bar Sueño del Mar Soothing Piano Music Collection, Jazz Club Cafè in Solo Piano Music, Swing & Blues Style Music played by Soft Piano for Lounge Pink Cocktail Bar in Ibiza Sunset or New York Big Apple Club Cafè Party Night, Instrumental Music New Songs for Lounge Entertainment NightTracklist of the video: 1: Glee (14) 2: Relaxation (Relaxing Summer Piano Music)(n.6) 3: Ibiza Piano Bar (n.1) 4: The Cult of Piano (n.7) 5: Mood Music Cafè (n.11) 6: Summer Piano Bar (Piano Party Music Delux) (n.9) 7: Secret Life of the Sea (Ibiza 2013 Piano Bar Music) (n.13) 8: Beach Bar of Love (n.4)


  • Chillout Lounge Relax - Ambient Music Mix

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  • steveivan1162
    steveivan1162  2 years ago +679

    Maybe we should just stop worrying about so many things

  • Shahrukh Shah
    Shahrukh Shah  4 years ago +557

    I don't know if it matters but when I listen to jazz I imagine I'm on my way to the airport in the middle of the night in winter and it's raining and I'm wearing a hoodie :|

  • kupo
    kupo  2 years ago +319

    Tracklist + Timings
    1: Glee (14) 0:00
    2: Relaxation (Relaxing Summer Piano Music)(n.6) 3:02
    3: Ibiza Piano Bar (n.1) 6:23
    4: The Cult of Piano (n.7) 9:39
    5: Mood Music Cafè (n.11) 13:15
    6: Summer Piano Bar (Piano Party Music Delux) (n.9) 15:42
    7: Secret Life of the Sea (Ibiza 2013 Piano Bar Music) (n.13) 18:34
    8: Beach Bar of Love (n.4) 21:14

  • Aeolyus
    Aeolyus  3 years ago +259

    Track 1 0:00 (Ré/D)
    Track 2 3:02 (Sib/Bb)
    Track 3 6:23 (Sib/Bb)
    Track 4 9:39 (Do/C)
    Track 5 13:14 (Si/B)
    Track 6 15:40 (Sib/Bb)
    Track 7 18:34 (Do/C)
    Track 8 21:13 (Do/C)

  • Nathalie Sanchez
    Nathalie Sanchez  3 years ago +646

    Just imagining myself taking the subway home in NYC as the rain pours down on a friday night

  • Doctor David
    Doctor David  4 years ago +144

    I was a fortunate one............I lived in Ohio in the 60's which was a 18 year old state to go to the bars.  I got into these establishments when I was 16.  One of my first vists I saw Oscar Peterson........I have been stuck in this genre ever since.

  • Beardy
    Beardy  5 years ago +306

    Finally some decent chilled out jazz. The amount of video posts of "chilled out" jazz on here that end up having some crappy hip hop beat to them is ridiculous

  • Moozy Mathers
    Moozy Mathers  3 years ago +307

    I love that atmosphere, I literally want to live in it!

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster  3 years ago +77

    If I could go back in time, i'd probably just go back a couple of decades so I could sit in a bar and listen to jazz

  • TheHarryPotters
    TheHarryPotters  5 days ago +17

    Since everyone is sharing the image that comes up when listening to this music, I'll do the same. I love to imagine myself in a dark bar where there's people smoking, but without the annoying smell of smoke, and people drinking, but quietly: everyone absorbed by their own thoughts, all brought together by this music and a subtle breeze that comes everytime someone enters the bar. Outside it's raining, maybe snowing, but there's a fresh wind that makes it all magic.
    All there, all alone in our minds, so close but so far away.

  • madworldfan123
    madworldfan123  5 years ago +182

    all this music makes me want to watch cowboy bebop

  • Country Bones
    Country Bones  2 years ago +170

    A rainy November evening in Manhattan.

  • Word up!
    Word up!  2 days ago +3

    I'm a pianist and I hate my office job. I want to play the piano in a dim lit bar with a glass of whiskey nearby, while surrounded by beautiful women in high heels and red lipstick.

  • Sfondi
    Sfondi  4 years ago +24

    best piano jazz mix on youtube i've seen hands down

  • Duc Hoang
    Duc Hoang  2 days ago

    listen this with rain sound and coffee shop background sound. You won't regret that.

  • Redsisco
    Redsisco  2 days ago

    i keep half expecting the music to stop halfway and just suddenly last surprise kicks in

  • Mie Y
    Mie Y  2 years ago +50

    Just perfect for my teenage daughter to do homework in the night.  After full time job, cooking dinner, cleaning dishes, take bath, and finally relax time with this music and BO studying.  Thank you for cool jazz!

  • Jim van der Heijden
    Jim van der Heijden  a years ago +18

    It's a snowy christman eve, you were supposed to be with your family but instead, you are sitting in a cab, on your way to a work meeting while looking out of the almost entirely snow covered window..

  • Saucey guy
    Saucey guy  2 years ago +28

    when listen to jazz i always picture myself at a cafe place on a snowy day in new york city at night with all the lights just really beautiful!!