He Broke My Heart!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 16, 2018
  • My poor fragile heart took quite the beating today 💔


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  • Rachel Ritchie  (Nov 16, 2018))

    Keeping his promise to Lauren for the shirt ♥️😭

  • BMOB_LUNDY XXX  (Jan 23, 2019))

    +Two Lovers forever I'll

  • Keira Bourne  (Nov 29, 2018))

    Rachel Ritchie awwww hes so sweet

  • Miss Maddie  (Nov 16, 2018))

    I love how Alex still keep his promise to Lauren even after what happened ❣

  • Katia N. Amparo  (Nov 17, 2018))

    +khalia reaction Might've been off camera but he mentioned the promise at 4:16

  • khalia reaction  (Nov 17, 2018))

    +Katia N. Amparo when did he promise that I really don't remember

  • Megan Snyder  (Nov 16, 2018))

    Its not real its just like my abs!😂😂😂💕💕

  • xo. Invisible  (Nov 26, 2018))

    I had thought that he said a$$ 😂😂

  • Mhy Chen  (Nov 16, 2018))

    Peep Aron eating a banana while his brother is getting punched and beat up at 9:15 lol

  • Alexander Tugano  (Nov 17, 2018))


  • Ju_ DIY  (Nov 16, 2018))

    He’s keeping his promise to Lauren !♥️ Sad how Lauren is not there for the photo shoot😢 but still love you Alex and happy that you are happy !😝

  • Laura Špůrková  (Nov 21, 2018))


  • Hockeygirl 05  (Nov 17, 2018))

    Ju_ DIY what was the promise?Oh I got it

  • Mo Eddy  (Nov 16, 2018))

    *Who else saw Alex punching Matt on Instagram?* 🤔

  • Maddie Carney  (Nov 16, 2018))

    *turtle down*

  • Taylor McCoy  (Nov 20, 2018))


  • Alexander Tugano  (Nov 17, 2018))


  • Tallulah Toulouse  (Nov 16, 2018))

    Why do you look like you were crying at the end of the vlog?

  • Lively Duaa  (Nov 17, 2018))

    He took a shower, he told us before that he was gonna end the vlog after taking a shower

  • Aye  (Nov 16, 2018))


  • Ana Chicas  (Nov 16, 2018))

    I’m glad he didn’t break his promise even tho they aren’t together anymore.(I still think luarex is still alive)I HAVE FAITH!!I would just want to let Alex know that he is hopefully happy now and somewhere in his life where he feels and thinks he is safe and that is all anyone needs to know, he does loves us but maybe doesn’t like that we are just commenting for likes to maybe rub in others faces or make them feel bad. He just went threw a rough time in his life and I want him to know that we are here...

  • Sophia Gonzalez  (Nov 16, 2018))

    Please Alex promise me if you and Lauren don't get back together..... please stay friends. Love you both from the bottom of my heart. <3😢😘💘 Please like so Alex can see.

  • Brent Anderson  (Nov 24, 2018))

    i really hope they mean it when they say its just a break T-T

  • Danielle Daniels  (Nov 17, 2018))

    So sweet @spohia Gonzalez ☺❤❤❤❤❤❤love Alex Lauren to hope for best 4 both here to support