The Bill Press Show - August 10, 2018

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Staff Writer at Washingtonian, Brittany Shepherd; @blrshepherdCampaign Reporter for POLITICO, Elena Schneider; @ec_schneiderSenior Justice Reporter for HuffPost, Ryan Reilly; @ryanjreilly#BPShowLIVECLICK TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! US: THE SHOW:The Bill Press Show broadcasts LIVE from Capitol Hill every Monday - Friday from 7-9am EST, bringing you a fresh, daily take on state and national politics, culture, and more. We examine the latest news with leading journalists, political thought leaders, Congressmen and women, and Senators. Tune in daily for the full show, and for a short take on the day's issues, be sure to catch The Parting Shot with Bill Press!The Bill Press Show joined The Young Turks Network in November 2016.


  • RB  11 months ago

    Holy shit!Maybe "we, the people" should ask for some evidence or proof of these "foreign space warriors". Hey, Donnie! Why not take the money it would cost to build two "space force" ships and end hunger in the USA?

  • RB  11 months ago

    Those "mayonnaise and tuba people" are clearly inferior. We should support the "Miracle Whip and Saltines" faction, they will move the USA forward into the glorious future that is "Covfefe". (sarc)

  • RB  11 months ago

    "Help us, Q Anus!"

  • Joe Mallett  11 months ago

    Hopefully, the racist fascist's march on Washington will come nowhere close to a million.

  • RB  11 months ago

    imo.Yes. The USA CAN afford to spend money on many positive things.Yes. The hard-core Trumpers will never open their minds to logic or reason. These Trumpers still believe in "manifest destiny".Yes. If "we the people" just PAY a little better ATTENTION and VOTE, it's very likely the USA will move in a much more positive direction.Yes. Ben Shapiro is a pinhead with the debating style of "high-speed double-talk". Ben is paid to help racist bigots "*...

  • Andy c  11 months ago

    Bill, I think the Election of Mrs Clinton (The war monger-Libya) would have been a "Total disaster" , So i won't be subscribing to your channel..ta anyway

  • Guy Guyguy  11 months ago

    POLITICO's Elena Schneider a NO SHOW so Brittany Sheperd could've just stayed on and talked about 'BlacKkKlansman' opening today - based on a true story, by Spike Lee. Brittany Sheperd on the show to talk WHITE SUPREMACY and the KKK - unbelievable.

  • RB  11 months ago

    "I need to find me a juggalette that likes old guys!"