Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06 Part 10

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • This is the most amazing interior for a Corvette! This combination of black and peanut butter absolutely stands outs. We finally got the last pieces of this Z06 and we are ready to throw it back together. Follow along as we bring this 2017 Corvette Z06 back to factory specs. Thanks for watching!!!-T-Shirts: A Patron: Fund Me: :


    VEDEM RACING  a years ago +98

    That burnt orange interior looks amazing! I’ve also heard that goonzsquad will pin this.. 🤔

  • Jackson Yeager
    Jackson Yeager  a years ago +301

    Legend has it goonzquad will pin this

  • Wil Dorman
    Wil Dorman  a years ago +42

    The editing skills are almost as good as your car building skills freaking exquisite!!!

  • Unearth
    Unearth  a years ago +57

    How can anybody give these videos a thumbs down. The content is awesome and I give them all of the credit in the world they are learning how to do amazing car work on their own. Keep up the good shit boys great job on the cars

  • Artistme
    Artistme  a years ago +22

    Hope at 500K subs you will get a new camera. I want to see THOMAS IN 4K !

  • AbsoluteUnit
    AbsoluteUnit  a years ago +10

    Holy hell that car is spotless. Y’all should do a cost breakdown of everything from auction fees, transportation, and all the parts/services that it will take to restore the car to brand new.

  • BlackRose Gamez
    BlackRose Gamez  a years ago +97

    You are the best car saviours! Well done,keep it up!

  • Deksam101
    Deksam101  a years ago +12

    You 2 are my favorite YouTube hosts due to your always positive clean cut lifestyles, keep up the good work guys.

  • CarPro Installs
    CarPro Installs  a years ago +68

    Keep the corvette then that means you have a brand new Z06

  • CS Stangs
    CS Stangs  a years ago +26

    You should race the Mustang and Corvette

  • B0st0n _ftw
    B0st0n _ftw  a years ago +19

    IM CALLING IT. Next vehicle will be a camaro the way it was talked about and then hushed up LOL Quote me now

  • Anden Wright
    Anden Wright  a years ago +7

    Whoever dislikes goonzquads videos clearly have no life, they work hard so we have something great to watch

  • Craig Files
    Craig Files  a years ago +9

    Add 1 litre of Methylated spirits to the fuel tank this will refresh the fuel enough so it won't do any damage to the engine, this will also adsorb any water that has condensed & it will burn in the engine & once the tank has emptied replace the fuel filter

  • Vishal Gujjar Sachdeva
    Vishal Gujjar Sachdeva  a years ago +16

    You guys are so damn deserve more than a million subscribers... awesome videos...loved all your past videos👌😎

  • A.W A
    A.W A  a years ago +39

    GT-R rebuild next please! I love these rebuild videos!

  • Hakan Dokuzlar
    Hakan Dokuzlar  a years ago +50

    Notification squad I’ve been here since you had 4K subs greetings from Turkey boys

  • Eric Zamora
    Eric Zamora  a years ago +5

    How Many Likes Can We Get For Thomas ? ! ? !

  • Jj Gordon
    Jj Gordon  a years ago +12

    i would totally buy a salvage title car if it was rebuilt by these guys lmao

  • Ghost.
    Ghost.  a years ago +16

    You flew the drone into the tree!

  • Luke Littleton
    Luke Littleton  a years ago +1

    Wow great work guys! It’s coming out so good you two have put in so much time and effort and it sure shows in this build!! Keep doing what you doing