Protesters and police fight at Sha Tin MTR station, after day of protests in Hong Kong

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 8, 2019
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    Police became trapped after a fight broke out between them and protesters in Sha Tin MTR station. This incident followed an arrest in the station where the officers had used pepper spray on the crowd on the evening of September 7. It was the worst incident of violence as anti-government demonstrations entered their 14th consecutive weekend.

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  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble  44 minutes ago

    To Singaporeans ... , Dont let this brainwashed hongkongers migrate to singapore ! they will destroy singapore just like hongkong !

  • Otto Willum Nielsen

    I would use real bullets, that has gone to far now,

  • Justice
    Justice  13 hours ago

    Well done HK police! Hit hard and arrest all these violent traitors if they dont back off. Including those coward traitors that disguise as press.

  • DD Hecht
    DD Hecht  18 hours ago

    Ich sage, es ist stets legitim, immer und überall dort, wo Bürger von der Exekutive mit Kampfgasen beschossen werden, darauf entsprechend hart zu reagieren. Mensch/Bürger will oft gar nicht vergast werden und sollte deshalb nach jedem Gaseinsatz eine Cocktailparty veranstalten, also massiv, aber gezielt Molotowcocktails ausschenken... der Eintritt für Systemhuren ist frei ... ACAB!

  • Andros Choo
    Andros Choo  19 hours ago

    Police Brutality ????

  • 劉強
    劉強  19 hours ago +1


  • 劉強
    劉強  19 hours ago


  • 劉強
    劉強  19 hours ago +1

    支持中國香港特區政府首長啟動緊急法 🇨🇳將基本法未通過的法律。一次過合法通過。

  • 劉強
    劉強  19 hours ago


  • Justin Lam
    Justin Lam  yesterday +1

    If you all stop the violence , then this will all end and the police won't be violent to you guys stop STOP STOP this chaos right now

  • 冷孩
    冷孩  yesterday


  • C CHAN channel. ちゃんチャンネル

    I like subscribe after comments and like, hot news

    BOBABOBA BOBA  2 days ago

    Police think that they can do whatever they want in Hong Kong

  • buddy man
    buddy man  2 days ago

    HK police is too lame

  • Henry the 8th
    Henry the 8th  2 days ago

    So it's true this is how the resident evil umbrella corporations began it's a world zombie apocalypse.

  • Hiroshi Yamashita
    Hiroshi Yamashita  2 days ago +1

    CARRIE LAM I believe everyone who watched this video will curse her for her incompetency.

  • Ainz sv
    Ainz sv  2 days ago


  • Lawrence Chew
    Lawrence Chew  3 days ago

    If violence and riots by protestors can solve land and housing shortages, stagnant or low wages and all other forms of social inequalities, etc, it would be welcome the world over.

  • Zaruba Just
    Zaruba Just  3 days ago

    Dead Hong Kong

  • 许志祥
    许志祥  3 days ago