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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • Stupid_Ninja
    Stupid_Ninja  an hour ago

    Katie is so grumpy honestly be said sorry so except that like she does worst pranks than that I am not watching you videos if you are just going to be so angry with each other grow up

  • H.S Alpha-Pack
    H.S Alpha-Pack  8 hours ago

    Damn you’re a one mtfr actor

  • Prabhiv Adhikary
    Prabhiv Adhikary  12 hours ago

    Bro.... Stop these pranks man.... Youtube views may cost you your relationship.

  • Sledneck
    Sledneck  12 hours ago

    First I saw the noodles video, then watched this. Yep you totally deserved it bro!

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis  13 hours ago

    no,stop,get off me, your so rude, uhhh, really, slaimain,

  • Colin Talukdar
    Colin Talukdar  13 hours ago +1

    Why just ruin your relationship for YouTube money

  • Sayan Stenseth
    Sayan Stenseth  yesterday

    08:06 awwwww omg I feel so bad😭😞 look at her

  • Spaceless Sea
    Spaceless Sea  2 days ago

    Ruining your relationship more like pfft.

  • Irin Miss
    Irin Miss  2 days ago

    Cute couple i swear

  • Save ByGrace
    Save ByGrace  2 days ago

    Kate is soooo cuuute😍😍😍

  • Its Scorpio
    Its Scorpio  2 days ago

    Pour soul😔😭

  • Nathan Gonzales
    Nathan Gonzales  2 days ago

    Get you a girl that gets as excited to see you as Kate does to him

  • Sid Punk
    Sid Punk  2 days ago

    You are heartless and evil

  • Ioan Bucea
    Ioan Bucea  3 days ago

    Kate have a nice voice and is very sweet :D

  • Todd Phillips
    Todd Phillips  3 days ago

    this is so lame, she knows whats up

    HAMZA AZIZ WORLD  3 days ago

    This is very heart touching nibbas

  • Theo Crei
    Theo Crei  3 days ago

    she's so cute, I mean the way she is.

  • Pamela Eberhardt
    Pamela Eberhardt  4 days ago

    I mean, honestly... this is who he is. She knows this. If she wants him to change then it's on her. Men don't change. So she's either gotta reach her threshold of torture and break up with him OR she gets off on this and/or it's not a deal breaker.

  • Padawan Tonic
    Padawan Tonic  4 days ago

    Dude. Don’t destroy true, genuine happiness, love and joy for some laughs!!! This one was terrible!!!! She missed you so much and was so excited to see you!!!

  • tagabicolini pinay

    Not cool 😰😰