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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • LyricalGenes  11 months ago

    *I swear that teddy bear gets bigger everytime i look at it*

  • Barbie Vazquez  2 months ago

    😂 LOL

  • LyricalGenes love that 😂

  • Danny You  7 months ago


  • irma hernandez  12 days ago

    That’s dope

  • Nina Ho  16 days ago

    Danny You how long did it take you to do this?

  • shakha _102  8 months ago

    I swear most of us are here because......Elle is cute and when she tries to speak awwwwwAlaia is cute even tho she doesn’t say anythingCatherine is literally the prettiest woman everAustin is so funny 😂

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  • Rehan Shahid  1 months ago

    That is sooo true i love this family

  • Phoebe Pither  11 months ago

    You should do Elle pick my outfit like if u agree

  • Georgia Williams  8 months ago

    Bddhdhshhevusvgcghhvcbubcghxibsusbivhsubbhbhvsjvjbhhsbhshbbftdsxfffghdfrfhgggjjdhjdjdhdbgchsjjndheedhxhduehdnyrbhdajejhsbdhebhsgsjgegsubdhgshufrgghfyvjhftubggguhffygjiikncftfyfhhuhvftgghhubbnojbhhhvgvhbvhckuyvdghfuck juhhhbbjggvvhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahagaahahahahahhshhahdh didn't it is if it if it if it if fcgbhvvhvkhybubgkhbsusbdhgsjshb sh dbhsusjeidhhejshskjdjdunuehgskyevuv for higcfggijshdhdbshdjdnahebsjbby yvtv

  • Asia azzony  9 months ago

    For sure

  • 1  8 months ago

    Who never skips the intro.Edit:can i get atlest 1 likeEdit:omg thank you so much love you all

  • Joana Trinidad  20 days ago

    Hoal comstas('zlzlslsppqz

  • Lindsey Pannell  22 days ago

    Sometimes I skip it. Deoends on if Im really excited for the video and dont have the patience

  • Jolene Kelly  8 months ago

    Am I the only one who sings the intro every Time? No just me...Ok...

  • Thai my shoes 2  2 months ago

    Jolene Kelly I do too 😂


  • Rebekah Waldron  10 months ago

    It’s so funny when he forgets to edit out parts when he’s speaking and messes up 😂

  • Natalie Flores  24 days ago

    Why sold he that is memories

  • sarah hawchar  5 months ago

    Yasssssss starts around 11:05 right??! Was like is this a glitch or edit mistake!!

  • Eze Ziza  7 months ago

    Austin: can u say YouTube?Elle: youAustin: YouTubeElle: ya😂😂😂

  • Angela Heath  1 months ago

    Hello bro I love you from Angela

  • Mckayla Evans  4 months ago

    Right 😂😂

  • hosie  9 months ago

    Who actually did kiss the trophy ? 'Cause I did ! x)

  • It’s Anais  11 days ago

    I did lol❤️🥰😁😂

  • Alliah Gradilla  3 months ago

    I did too lol 😂

  • Matrey_06  11 months ago

    Clicked so fast but not first again....

  • Sylvia Marie  1 months ago

    You could've been the first one IF THEY DIDN'T BUY THERE VIEWS

  • JHH AlMawaly  11 months ago

    this always happens to me.........