KSI vs. Logan Paul - FACE 2 FACE



  • FakE InvAd3r
    FakE InvAd3r  an hour ago

    So much pride

  • R@ven
     8 hours ago

    FlyingKitty anyone?

  • Itz Mayhem
    Itz Mayhem  15 hours ago

    *can I handle this guy* *no I cant*

  • Dream Magic
    Dream Magic  yesterday

    I hate deji but I’m ok with ksi and I love the Paul’s

  • KillerPlays Fortz

    Logan lost he got lucky because of the bell

  • Venom LeTitan
    Venom LeTitan  2 days ago

    Who’s here in 2018?

  • Reggie Robos
    Reggie Robos  2 days ago

    Logan will win the rematch

  • manchester united

    9:02 Logan looked scared.

  • Ali Saeed
    Ali Saeed  3 days ago

    *MmMmMmmmmmMMm A lOt Of HaNdS*

  • Patrick Travers
    Patrick Travers  3 days ago

    who are these people

  • Cringy Shit
    Cringy Shit  3 days ago

    I’m American And I knew ksi.... and I’m a fan

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez  3 days ago

    Bruh ksi said that he’ll run through Logan like nothing then later in the video he said that Logan said that he’ll run through ksi lol watch the clip back

  • Hailey Olmo
    Hailey Olmo  3 days ago

    Drinking water battle

  • SCAP
    SCAP  3 days ago

    They act like friends a lot

  • Mags Will
    Mags Will  4 days ago

    Whyyy does ksi take a drink every time he answers a question. And whyyyy am I watching this again

  • Charles G.
    Charles G.  4 days ago

    You can have all the followers in the world, imo they're two losers. Definition of manchilds. Pathetic.

  • Reducee
    Reducee  5 days ago

    they drink more in 20 mins than i do in a month

  • Charlotte Owen
    Charlotte Owen  7 days ago

    16:04 I feel like they could be best friends in some alternate universe or something ,,, just me ?

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja  7 days ago

    You regretted the second you started that cringey laugh