Rebuilding a Wrecked 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Part 1

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 17, 2018
  • Picking up a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 from Copart and assessing the wreck.

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  • Mustafa Al-obade

    How much did u get it for

  • GC - Gaming
    GC - Gaming  4 months ago

    beerpong session when the crash happend

  • D.j. B
    D.j. B  5 months ago

    I agree! I have never been a big Ford guy! Over the last few years, The higher end mustangs are looking & performing better! Had a 1973 small block 400 bored .030 over to a 406 , using a stroker kit, crank & rods, amber lightweight pistons 11/1 compression, aluminum heads 202/160 w/hydraulic roller rockers, pushing about 750 all h.p. & torque  sitting in a 1979 z-28 with 373 gears & man did she run! So, To say that I am a Chevrolet fan would be a fact! The 1973 sb-400 was a 1 year only 4.0125 stroke motor & I am looking for another? The point is, I daily a ford & it's a old beater that I have done a lot of work on but, Idk what you paid for that Shelby GT-350 BUT, She is going to be a Nice hot rod when finished & the damage looks minimal!!! Should be exciting & loads of fun to drive!

  • nickybullvol82
    nickybullvol82  6 months ago

    Drinking and driving

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z  7 months ago

    Sweet! I have J1583

  • Hugo morales
    Hugo morales  7 months ago

    What price for Mustang

  • Elijah Mcgee
    Elijah Mcgee  7 months ago

    How mutch the most inport part man

  • chrisxfc
    chrisxfc  8 months ago

    Why don't you get out of the left lane. That one's for passing pal.

  • Kevin Davidson
    Kevin Davidson  8 months ago

    Worst part for me is always watching the car you just paid for being moved on the forklift 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I bought a Mini Cooper that had a small fire but still ran and drove but by the time they carried it out on the forklift it needed a rad, lower trailing arms both sides on the rear, bumper valance, exhaust repair etc etc, surely they could come up with a better way to move cars 🤔

  • Cody Wagner
    Cody Wagner  8 months ago

    What did you bid on that I was looking at a similar one

  • MrFartymarty39
    MrFartymarty39  8 months ago

    Going back to catch up with you're video top YouTube channel

  • Preston Hooper
    Preston Hooper  8 months ago

    Austin has ass traffic, I hate it lol

  • Eagle1
    Eagle1  8 months ago +5

    You probably mentioned it but how much did it cost to buy wrecked?

  • Jack Qshay
    Jack Qshay  9 months ago

    How much u bought this from Auction

  • albert rivera
    albert rivera  9 months ago

    Yes beer pong

  • Geronimo the Grey Coyote

    you saved a good Car, even you where never a fan of mustangs. some of your sins are forgiven now.

  • Buckeye 's only
    Buckeye 's only  9 months ago

    When u have allot of money so u buy a bran new mustang gt350 so u go celebrate ur new car and get some drinks ,decide to drive right after then you crash it 🤣 wow

  • Daniel Mann
    Daniel Mann  10 months ago


  • Charles Thomson
    Charles Thomson  10 months ago

    56/44 weight distribution, though maybe a little less up front now 😂

  • Family Mann
    Family Mann  10 months ago

    I like your videos I hate how you don’t share how much you give for it fees and all