Cafe Music!Jazz Instrumental Music!Music for relax!Night Time Jazz Music!!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 23, 2015
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  • 大野美由紀  4 months ago

    クレオパトラ かりならやよーかかれれ

  • ねこヤン  2 years ago


  • 分かります(*´∀`)

  • *れもん  2 years ago

    いいですね〜こちらのは全部好きです。特にこれは落ち着く。仕事から帰ったら部屋で流し、入浴時はスマホからBluetoothで飛ばしてスピーカー持ち込みずっと聴いています。いつもありがとうございます⋆⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝

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  • 俺も

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  • Billy Willy  3 years ago

    I feel like a private detective. Sitting in my chair, a bourbon in one hand, my snub nose .38 in the other, a Pall Mall drooping from my lips. "Name's Sam, but you can call me Charlie.", says I to nobody in particular.

  • Brandon Fong  3 months ago

    There are jazz noir play lists that really match the vibe you're going for, highly recommend!

  • MrHotSpurs1  3 months ago

    I got two friends in the whole world. One comes in a holster. The other in a flask. The name's Charlie. What you call me is a story for another time.

  • andryM  2 years ago

    Nice music for relaxing. Listening to this at 2 am after dinner with friends. Good night from Italy !

  • GalaxyJazzGirl  4 months ago

    We’ve had it since December 2018 😒

  • GalaxyJazzGirl  4 months ago

    +andryM , you all want this crappy shitty snow that we have here in the USA?

  • Christian Claudio  2 years ago

    listening to this on a cloudy night, home alone, drinking hot chocolate, thinking about life!! It's just magical!! Greetings from Puesto rico!!

  • Etan Kohcz  8 months ago

    "Puesto rico????? De donde, , , es????///