NIGHTLAPSE - A Chill Synthwave Mix

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019


    0:00 Forhill & oDDling - Supernal

    4:05 VOYAGER - Horizon

    8:19 The Calico Sequence - Juno

    12:48 Alison - Nightride

    17:46 ok.Regan - GN-z11

    21:58 Shikimo - Ghost Trigger (ft. FRACTAL MAN)

    27:01 Devyzed - Systematic

    31:15 ok.Regan - Hyperspace

    34:57 P-Wave & VOYAGER - Infinawave

    38:01 We Need Mirrors

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  • Astral Throb
    Astral Throb  7 months ago +172

    Waddup gang! Decided to go with the song by Forhill & oDDling for the intro of this mix. Smooth and chill to start it all off. Title inspired by halogenbeck02 thank you for your suggestions. Comment yours below! One more thing, only 5 days left to enjoy the FREESHIPPING offer on my merch store just use the code "FREESHIP19" to redeem on checkout. Visit the store here:

  • Khaldyn Boul
    Khaldyn Boul  2 hours ago

    You really got something here it has inspired me an relaxed my awareness

  • Cowboy Duckling
    Cowboy Duckling  2 days ago


  • IOT RnD
    IOT RnD  3 days ago

    I am writing a python program on my PC while listening to this and feels....Ohh YeH

  • Edilson Vilarinho

    Very good!

  • Mike Galvan
    Mike Galvan  7 days ago

    Min 32:45 🌹🌹🌹 RooolllloooollloooooonnnnnNNNN.................

  • Mike Galvan
    Mike Galvan  7 days ago

    Hermosa cancion :) Pensando en ti .... Con mucho cariño para ti Annel 🌹🌹

  • deburrito
    deburrito  7 days ago +3

    You have no idea how many study sessions I have had with this in the background. I thank you from the bottom of my school tired heart for creating this list

  • Darhnag
    Darhnag  14 days ago

    Listen to this while playing WoW classic, what a great mix

  • AmazingOwnage
    AmazingOwnage  14 days ago +1

    Bro your mixes are fucking amazing. Listening to these bangers gets me through my Master's program with a lot less stress.

    Thank you so much for making these!

  • Tiny Marshmallow
    Tiny Marshmallow  14 days ago +1

    I'm working on a SciFi novel, and this kind of music is so perfect for setting the scene. Thanks!

  • MooseStudios2009
    MooseStudios2009  14 days ago

    Check out this chill track I made! Would mean a lot :)

  • Mayo Chan
    Mayo Chan  14 days ago

    Why does this music make me think of getting a world record

    BIG THUNDER X  21 days ago +1

    This gets me into a nice weekend vibe.......

  • Pavlos Karalis
    Pavlos Karalis  21 days ago

    How is synthwave not in the mainstream yet? None of the venues in DC prominently feature electronic artists either; it's all dinosaur acts.

  • Erikkun
    Erikkun  21 days ago

    Best playlist for sleeping...

  • MMA Fighter
    MMA Fighter  21 days ago

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  • ville kahara
    ville kahara  21 days ago

    music for astophotography

  • さんトム
    さんトム  21 days ago

    Are there any spotify playlists available for music like this?

  • Bad to the Brick
    Bad to the Brick  21 days ago +1

    Your best mix so far. Love it so much :D