✈️ULTIMATE Low Flying JETS & SONIC BOOM Compilation 2018✈️

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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  • Allan Humphrey  11 months ago

    Some years ago when NZ and the US were happy to play war games there was a play dog fight that went from above my house to maybe 50 miles away and the noise of the sonic boom was deafening. I don't believe any of those planes in the series of movies broke the sound barrier from my ear experiences. Sure they were travelling fast but there was very little explosive concussion that I have heard from F15 and F111 having fun. Someone must have complained as there was an article in the newspaper about how th...

  • Joe Miholics  11 months ago

    Nice compilation of Low Flying Jets...BUT...You Forgot to insert the Sonic Boom(-s) Part(-s) ...

  • PaperDoll Baby  11 months ago

    I now have a new thing for my bucket list! I have got to see one of these Jets in person so now I'm going to Google air shows in Michigan featuring Jets breaking the sound barrier I'm really excited just thinking about it now!! 😁

  • Hugo Gutiérrez  11 months ago

    BabyDoll J.B

  • ptudor63  11 months ago

    BabyDoll J.B go to Pensacola Fla. Naval Base to the museum. The Blue Angles practice there almost every week. Open to the public. It's all free.

  • Tee See  10 months ago

    Brilliant...yet for all their speed they still can't catch a ufo.

  • Jey Lee  11 months ago

    Fantastic flying✈️ Awesome!💋💕

  • L. G.  11 months ago

    That's fantastic combat war training!😎👍👍👍

  • noe guillot  11 months ago

    physics burn sudden emphasis aide invent quantity carbohydrate.

  • Shigu but-  11 months ago

    Sanic buuuuuuum

  • Dominic Santini  11 months ago

    Great video, who did this version of Danger Zone?

  • CinematicScore  11 months ago

    Hollow Drive - Highway to the Danger Zone

  • Richárd Tóth  11 months ago

    good video