iMac Pro Setup Tour 2018!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 4, 2018
  • Video editing desk setup tour for early 2018!↓↓↓ All product links ↓↓↓Desk: https://xdesk.comPhillips Hue light strip: HS8: Isolation pad: Pegasus 3 80TB: Pro: South HiRise Pro: HD800: http://www.colorware.comApollo Twin MKII Duo: Miller Embody: X1D: MX Master 2S: mousepad: Pixel 2 XL: iPhone X: 5T: Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: Zebulon by Alltta~


  • Finlay McEwan
    Finlay McEwan  a years ago +552

    The only product we have in common is that microfiber cloth

  • DetroitBORG
    DetroitBORG  a years ago +1115

    Love the desk, looks wide enough to add two more 5K monitors.

    BITE THE BILLET  a years ago +56

    Did the math. Came up to $32,000

  • My Instant Search
    My Instant Search  a years ago +551

    C'mon Linus! Check his cable management now xD

  • Ganesh Wadhwa
    Ganesh Wadhwa  a years ago +731

    After you talked about your chair I was like 'BUT CAN YOU DO THIS' 😂

  • Alec Minello Music
    Alec Minello Music  a years ago +715

    >Sees chair
    >Thinks its cool
    >Visits link
    >Sees price
    >Clicks the exit button

  • TechTris (Tech Analyzer)
    TechTris (Tech Analyzer)  a years ago +125

    Looking for that spreadsheet.

  • xd_ut-boi
    xd_ut-boi  a years ago +306

    buy my chair it's only 399

  • Codex Gigas
    Codex Gigas  a years ago +204

    He spent $27 on all that tech on black Friday, I have the same setup..

  • FortniteNonStop
    FortniteNonStop  a years ago +73

    I guess its time to change your name to MKB8K

  • Vaibhav Harit
    Vaibhav Harit  a years ago +383

    My setup: a laptop

  • ian taylor
    ian taylor  a years ago +28

    What colour is marques' heart? Obviously space grey

  • eggaweb
    eggaweb  a years ago +33

    So is it x-desk or 10-desk? 😏

  • Soul Food Cooking
    Soul Food Cooking  a years ago +91

    You can box-up that old macPro and send it my way :-)

  • nmeta
    nmeta  a years ago +38

    ”Perfectly aligned”

    MΞARE  a years ago +348

    C'mon Linus!

  • darth pratik
    darth pratik  a years ago +16

    okkk soooo my setup tour would be a 2 year old hp laptop with no battery (I run it on power cord) & a place to sit on with a power point near by.... xd...... ohh & I forgot to mention my honor 8 well that's my daily driver... I'm a one phone person so I don't carry any other device

  • Real Techz
    Real Techz  a years ago +49

    128 gb...ram😓😫😣 32 times more than me !!!

  • xd_ut-boi
    xd_ut-boi  a years ago +121

    did u just touch my SPAGETTH

  • Mitchell O'Bryan
    Mitchell O'Bryan  a years ago +7

    Yeah, I feel ya with having a super high end chair. I have a $15 chair from Walmart. I figured I'd splurge because I work from home and am sitting in it for ~10 hours a day