The Si Stebbins Stack

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
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    Hosted by
    Michael Stevens

    Edited by
    Hannah Canetti

    VFX by
    Eric Langlay

    Music by Jake Chudnow and from AudioNetwork

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  • Udit Gupta
    Udit Gupta  2 days ago


  • MagicatForest 12579

    the laugh at 11:50 killed me.

  • PapaFrancis
    PapaFrancis  7 days ago

    michael why didnt you let me pick the damn card even though i said stop

  • Mystic BlueGem
    Mystic BlueGem  7 days ago +2

    Michael: "I'm literally out of material"
    Me: Aw, he could just sit doing absolutely nothing and I'd still watch him.
    Also me: *realises he's already done that*

    *cue music playing

  • Beckham
    Beckham  7 days ago

    Now I’m gonna make the casinos regret everything.

  • Iconically ABle
    Iconically ABle  7 days ago


  • hoo woo
    hoo woo  14 days ago

    Your shirt is that gray dots appearing on a white grid illusion.

  • you wouldn't get it
    you wouldn't get it  14 days ago +1

    "I'm out of material"
    "Or am i?"

  • JK LOL IDK 2nd
    JK LOL IDK 2nd  14 days ago

    6 was afraid of 7 because 789

  • Masta Blasta
    Masta Blasta  14 days ago

    Me after seeing the intro: Michael I am going to kill you 😂

  • Norika Upadhyay
    Norika Upadhyay  21 days ago

    Just make the order Ace to King in the CHaSeD pattern

  • Orion D. Hunter
    Orion D. Hunter  21 days ago

    Because he wanted to bring 3 knives for survival, but 6 knew 7 secretly hated him and did not have benign intentions,

  • untrimmed slayer
    untrimmed slayer  21 days ago

    I'm literally out of material... or am I?

  • Imperial Guard
    Imperial Guard  21 days ago

    Didn’t work

  • Roshan Naidu
    Roshan Naidu  a months ago +1

    2:22, 10:05, 11:49 the bros gone insane

  • SparkBlades
    SparkBlades  a months ago

    7 8 9 = 7 ate 9

    The true reason 6 didn’t wanna go camping

  • tha grumbie
    tha grumbie  a months ago

    I just want an hour long video of the last 30 seconds. K maybe it was over a minute. :P

  • Carrie Winkworth
    Carrie Winkworth  a months ago

    Guys i think micals hacking again.

  • MíticoBR
    MíticoBR  a months ago +1

    nice now he uses pipyrus font 3:39

  • Nerdytwat tho
    Nerdytwat tho  a months ago +2

    H A N N A H C O M E C U T T H A T D