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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
  • Get my favorite brain food delivered to your door: PO Box: PO Box 33168 L.A. CA 90033***CREDITS***Hosted byMichael StevensEdited byHannah Canetti( byEric Langlay( by Jake Chudnow and from AudioNetwork(***VSAUCE LINKS***Vsauce1:


  • Dakota
    Dakota  6 months ago +9374

    imagine not being subbed to this channel and still waiting for vsauce to upload

  • Jory Jones
    Jory Jones  6 months ago +1509

    Micheal the password for the main Vsauce channel is the last 8 digits of pi.

  • Évariste Galois
    Évariste Galois  6 months ago +2423

    0:37 "I'm literally out of material ... or am I?" *music starts playing*
    I think Michael has become self aware that he's a meme

  • Teapot
    Teapot  6 months ago +563

    I like this guy, he should create his own youtube channel!

  • Swarnim Vajpai
    Swarnim Vajpai  6 months ago +538

    Michael : What comes after 7?
    Me: phfft...... It's 8 obviously.
    Michael : Nothing.
    Me : ........

  • Evan Stuff
    Evan Stuff  6 months ago +1915

    Is it me or is Michael starting to look like a Greek philosopher

  • CoryDeRealest
    CoryDeRealest  6 months ago +680

    Official petition for Michael Stevens to host meme review

  • Cyranek
    Cyranek  6 months ago +851

    that maniacal laugh at the end

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy  6 months ago +208

    T E L L M E W H E N T O S T O P

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez  6 months ago +84

    Vsauce really had a channel with 14 million subs and dipped to a channel with 1 million

  • Nick Clark
    Nick Clark  6 months ago +1090

    It's weird to not hear the music after Michael said, "Or am I?"

  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  6 months ago +263


  • Reshura
    Reshura  6 months ago +97

    jobless magician want's to know your location

  • Judah B
    Judah B  6 months ago +173

    I think he lost the password to Vsauce

  • I Like Dogs
    I Like Dogs  6 months ago +80

    HEY Vsauce! Micheal here. Who ARE you? And WHY are you in my bathroom?

  • Braiden Brooks
    Braiden Brooks  2 months ago +24

    I cried at 0:41 because It was different music than Vsauce's

  • xabui
    xabui  6 months ago +248

    2:47 when your dad is beating your little sister

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle  6 months ago +33

    Why won't michael go back to vsauce. I know hes doing his premium show but i still miss the old days

  • Raymond Hmuifoo
    Raymond Hmuifoo  6 months ago +50

    You missed out if you didn't watch until the end.

  • Natahn Dolar
    Natahn Dolar  6 months ago +880

    “Am literally our of material...”
    “Or am I?”
    He should have played Vsause music