James McAvoy Makes Himself at Home at SNL

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019


  • blupunk01
    blupunk01  7 months ago +343

    Everyone at SNL knows better than to bite Kyle's sandwich.

  • Jess T.
    Jess T.  7 months ago +82

    James is the kind of actor you enjoy watching on screens and would also like to have a conversation over a nice pint with

  • MentalHealthMondays
    MentalHealthMondays  7 months ago +182

    James McAvoy is SUCH a daddy thanks SNL

  • dennis
    dennis  7 months ago +136

    After that Glass performance, just knowing he is on set this week gets me all excited.

  • Miscellaneous N' Such
    Miscellaneous N' Such  7 months ago +352

    Dude, yes. He's going to be amazing!

  • av3maria
    av3maria  7 months ago +405

    Darn I thought there would be more Melissa ❤️

  • k m
    k m  7 months ago +90

    James McSnackavoy amirite ladies 🤪🤪

  • Mirenda
    Mirenda  7 months ago +28

    Most engaging SNL promo ever! No forced or silly jokes, it was a well produced segment...then Kyle chasing him at the end 🤣

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  7 months ago +146

    0:12 James seems to always play so many characters in one movie 😂

  • Storminmormn6
    Storminmormn6  7 months ago +19

    James is one of the best actors of our generation

  • Just Chilin
    Just Chilin  7 months ago +23

    Why is this man so flipping cute

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi  7 months ago +102

    Wow this was amazing behind the scenes footage!

  • TheGooGooMan
    TheGooGooMan  7 months ago +122

    This guy is Awesome!

  • Muhammad Maaz
    Muhammad Maaz  7 months ago +41

    Finally, Scottish vortex of charm, this will be amazing.

  • Yamila Diaz
    Yamila Diaz  7 months ago +36

    FINALLYYYYY!!! Jamessssss😻🤤🤩 my Scottish husband number 1!!!!

  • Markéta Svitáková
    Markéta Svitáková  7 months ago +57

    Of course Kyle sleeps in his office😁

  • Rob Higgins
    Rob Higgins  7 months ago +66

    James is actually amazing

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike  7 months ago +6

    I’m hoping James McAvoy gets recasted as professor x for MCUs X-Men. I think he’s been doing a great job playing that role.

  • Leah Zielinski
    Leah Zielinski  7 months ago +16

    Patricia looks good here

  • Jessica Luthi
    Jessica Luthi  7 months ago +12

    I just love James! A very gifted actor.