Singaporeans Try: Drawing Singapore From Memory

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • [Click 'CC' for subs!] You might remember what certain parts of Singapore look like... But how well can you draw them out? In this episode of Singaporeans Try, we put our drawing skills, memory and attention to detail to the test. -- Thank you Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth for making this video possible! Somerset has always been a part of Singapore’s youth culture, and it’s about to get a whole lot better with Somerset Belt – a new, shared space that’s owned by youth!Comment below and tell us what you would like to see along the Somerset area! To find out more about Somerset Belt, visit The Smart Local on Social Media! Tan - Wei Lun - Angelo Tan - Krishnan - Teo - Tham -, Edited and Filmed by:Bolin Chen - Business Enquiries:


  • iz cclstee  8 days ago

    angelo : “so this is a waterfall”ra: “yES”angelo: “tallest waterfall”ra : “mhmm” *nods*angelo: THIS IS THE SUNTEC OUTSI-ra: “NNNNNNO”HAAHAHAHAH

  • ThaminBoy  12 hours ago

    iz cclstee Thanks captain obvious, without you repeating, i would have missed that!

  • Michelle Val  8 days ago

    Wei Lun's drawings not bad sia 👀Also I live for the Wei Lun and Alison pairing. Cause they're best friend goals, please don't ship them ahahahah.

  • Jiminie Cutiee  2 days ago

    If I remember, they are siblings from the best friend challenge

  • Michelle Val  6 days ago

    Ikrr, they look like siblingss

  • Maggie Lin  8 days ago

    Ra's drawing of Sir Stamford Raffles is so good🤣👏 she should be an animator.And Wei Lun's pretty good at this damm xDGood job to all of you guys, so funny!!😂😆👍

  • angelo and ra’s drawings are legit damn good!!!! omg 😍😍

  • Lu mon  8 days ago

    I am still waiting for cooking with SISTORS!

  • Julian Sen  8 days ago

    "I want you to draw the shape of Singapore"'What the hell......isn't it a dot"HAHAHAHA You're not wrong.

  • Himynamevalerie  14 hours ago

    Love and Ra and Angelo combination!!! Angelo is so funny hope to see him more

  • fluffy fizzianah  8 days ago

    3:45 for some reason I can feel my heart break a lil bit so1 like = 1 person that think Alison is beautiful

  • Tan Ki Kie  8 days ago

    literally no monday blues HAHAHA this is super funny!!!!

  • Cool vids guys keep up the good work and i fav person in TSL is Allison