My Cheap Lamborghini GOES INSANE On The Dyno And Gets SCARY FAST!

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 6, 2018
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  • ChrisFix
    ChrisFix  a years ago +1299

    YESSSS!!! Nothing beats bringing a car back to life yourself. I am sure you are super proud Tavarish because this is awesome! I cannot wait to see you driving this around without a trailer!

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson  a years ago +184

    Well, I know where I'm taking my Audi when tuning time arrives...

  • Mohamed Mekawy
    Mohamed Mekawy  a years ago +263

    YouTube captions the engine sound as music 😂❤

  • Daevster 666
    Daevster 666  a years ago +19

    I'm a simple guy, I see flames and hear loud noises I hit the like button.

  • 12WeMet1
    12WeMet1  a years ago +241

    41:36 HAHAHA

  • Dream Demon
    Dream Demon  a years ago +204

    Really nice guy to spend 3 days on the car and still have a smile on his face. He knew his stuff. Don't think in the states you could have found a better guy to work on your tune. Dubai Is the epidemy of money and cars. Smart guy to go there and get his start on his passion. Impressed.

  • Kevin Kennedy
    Kevin Kennedy  a years ago +146

    Mr. Cruz needs a Freedom bell of his HARD WORK AND DEDICATION IS PAYING OFF!!!

  • Erik Spitz
    Erik Spitz  a years ago +74

    A win for Eriks everywhere!! Awesome video!!!

  • 127EZ
    127EZ  a years ago +148

    Lambo getting serious. Erik you are the man. great job.

  • RazoE
    RazoE  a years ago +34

    You're not taking his daughter anywhere, Freddy 😂

  • Charlens davis
    Charlens davis  a years ago +221


    MISSION PASSED  a years ago +45

    man that things come a long way since the seized clutch, dang

  • Piazzawoodworks
    Piazzawoodworks  a years ago +33

    Dude Eric is an absolute legend, so stoked to see this thing breathe fire congrats tav

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens  a years ago +103

    Man i wish i knew you were in oldsmar! Im right up the road from Douglas rd. I need to bring my 95 mr2 turbo to vanquish tuning!

  • Med Rifaii
    Med Rifaii  a years ago +31

    eric the jedi tuner

  • Mopar 2G
    Mopar 2G  a years ago +114

    That tuner is a cool dude, man knows his stuff

  • Level
    Level  a years ago +14

    Absolutely fantastic work by Eric! I hope he got paid well ;)

  • themrjones
    themrjones  a years ago +63

    Eric very impressed.

  • AbsoluteUnit
    AbsoluteUnit  a years ago +10

    I think this Eric guy is my favorite YouTube Tuner. Seems like such a down to earth good dude

  • Spenser Roger
    Spenser Roger  a years ago +25

    The spark doesn't actually "blow out from the forces". What's happening is as the pressure increases in the cylinder more air molecules occupy the space in between the spark gap. Air is a resistor and this increased resistance can keep the spark from firing.