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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
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  • JustinTime  11 months ago

    Damn, didn't even tell ya sis you love her...life too short to let ppl mess up yall relationship, yall still family bruh

  • Solar Precise  11 months ago

    MySportsReviews then why did mcqueen unfollow flight and charc?

  • whatagwan  11 months ago

    JustinTime bruh real family Dont have to say I love you all the time they just know that they love each other

  • Almightkodak_YT  11 months ago

    She is a adult

  • Shena Addison  5 days ago

    Almightkodak_YT so what big brother you know gone let his Lil sister fuck with a lame get in her pants and leave her?! I can tell y’all big brothers wasn’t shit🤣

  • Journie Paige  3 months ago


  • Isaury Valdez  11 months ago

    Bruh that not your daughter and if she was she still could of do anything with flight cuz she's 24 years old

  • Kendall Fleming  6 months ago

    Let that be your sister you'd be ready to flood some dudes out here

  • Luhh Phsyco  11 months ago

    Thats his sister at the end if sum happens she need her brother that's fam tho

  • Princess Kay  11 months ago

    Mcqueen y the hell u trying to control yo sister life ahe grown as hell she can do what the hell she want u talking to her like she yo child and that push or whatever you did to flight was lame and soft asf sit down Mcqueen u doing a whole lot for nothing chill u getting mad for no reason y u so worried bout her and flight friendship damn

  • Lazerik Long  8 months ago

    Shit my sister can't be fucking my ponnas

  • TBR THABOIREL  10 months ago

    U right💯💯

  • Forever Jaylah  11 months ago

    You opp ! But you got the nerve to be talking bout flight 😴🤣you a fool

  • Shena Addison  5 days ago

    Forever Jaylah na flights a damn fool

  • WORTHOOO  11 months ago

    she didn't block him lmfaoooo...

  • Stussy_Hymes2TY  11 months ago

    WORTHOOO ong she didnt

  • Miguxll  11 months ago

    Lol she didn't

  • Rozo Molo  11 months ago

    Cupcake ass nigga 😂😂😂

  • ひZanNext  11 months ago

    Watch flight react to this 😂

  • Fishing InGtown  11 months ago

    She grown, you need to grow TF up & know your place✌️

  • PCF Ray  11 months ago

    Damn she bad asf you tweakin let her live 💯