This $650,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV made it 70 Miles Before Being TOTALED! Now it's SALVAGE

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 9, 2017
  • Today's COTD is a NEW 2017 Lamborghini Aventador that drove only 70 miles before it was totaled and deemed a salvage and sent to Copart Auction! Lets check it out and decide whether it is a good idea to rebuild...Copart Listings: Me: :


  • 808  1 years ago

    When you turn off driving assists in the settings.

  • DementedButtHole  1 years ago

    The guy's girlfriend probably got totaled too. Look at the headshot imprint on the windshield °_•

  • Maplin Grimsby  14 days ago

    Cigar Smoke Maybe the passenger was trans...........

  • Graham Parr  5 months ago

    There could be another scenario, perhaps she totaled, oh the humanity!

  • Sami Hamady  1 years ago

    Whenever a lambo crashes and anything deploys, the motor does not start up, it’s a safety automatic shutoff thingy

  • MattMatt1602  14 days ago

    It blows the piro fuse

  • Maplin Grimsby  14 days ago

    Thats true so i would assume by fixing the car and the safety thing is in the form of a fuse so all you need to do is fix the cosmetics and airbags then change the fuse.Also this only happens in cars 2012-Present

  • reno flames  10 months ago

    The $650,000 Lamborghini Aventador SV can be repaired for 95000.00 that is with every part new from the Manufacturer. That includes Shipping. You can get a complete front Chassis with all external and internal parts including Airbags and Modules. There would be an additional 20,000.00 charge for a re certification from the Manufacturer which would deem the car not salvage but repaired to Manufacturer Spec's in like new condition. For 150,000 you can ship it there both ways and that would be the bill. I...

  • Chase Barnard  8 hours ago

    That is some quality customer care!!

  • Galvatron  4 days ago

    Sounds legit

  • Daniel Talbot  1 years ago

    The Lamborghini got fastcrac'd by Sam's asscrac

  • Telluride  3 months ago


  • Mooch Buster  12 months ago

    Daniel Talbot hahaha this is a legit comment and needs more likes 😂😂

  • reddoctorm  1 years ago

    Body filler on a Lambo? Even suggesting something like that physically hurts me

  • phrogaircrew  1 years ago

    Well lamborghini never had a problem using body filler on anything up until Countach's and diablo's when they built them. Later stuff they may have less because Audi builds them.

  • Snickas Bah  1 years ago

    John Doe lava down my pee hole kinda hurt

  • Justin Register  1 years ago

    Sam, when you power on/start up a Hurricań or an Aventador it automatically starts in Strada. Just a little FYI for you. Great video.

  • Montana salvage title... worth noting if you ask me since it was most likely registered to a Montana LLC like what Rob Ferretti talked about

  • J PR  3 months ago

    Georgia is now focused on busting all their in-state drivers that run around with Montana plates

  • Scott Gunn  7 months ago

    Just A Car Guy Named Tom poopoo.

  • Kris Nicholson  1 years ago

    The passenger airbag broke the windscreen, not the impact. If the anti roll bars fired it means the car left the ground and they are very expensive to reset because the tool to do it is made of money.

  • Maplin Grimsby  14 days ago

    Kris Nicholson I didnt know they even had an anti role bar but then again i dont rlly think about lambos flipping....

  • Tewl Schism  1 years ago

    the 2nd Aventador you showed had the driver's wheel turned left with passenger wheel straight