DIY Your Own Tie Dye with These 6 Creative Ideas! | DIY Wardrobe Upgrades and Life Hacks by Blossom

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019
  • DIY your own tie dye shirt with these 6 creative ideas! For more DIY wardrobe upgrades, upcycling ideas, and life hacks, subscribe to Blossom!

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  • Barke salim umar
    Barke salim umar  14 days ago


  • Lilly Pad Jessup
    Lilly Pad Jessup  21 days ago

    1:10 says top use a washable marker. Proceeds to use a sharpie.

  • Aubrey Larkins
    Aubrey Larkins  21 days ago

    I love these styles its just its stollen!!if you search tie die ideas a video will pop up that blossom stole

  • Shawn Legg
    Shawn Legg  a months ago

    With the Reverse Tie Tye, where you poured the dye on the lighten bleached areas. After you bleach the black shirt do you let it dry, then put the color? Just add the color right after? You would think you would rinse off the bleach, squeeze out the excess water and then add the color. Other reverse tie types show you undoing the rubber bands then randomly adding color.

  • Nadiola Lola
    Nadiola Lola  a months ago

    Why are you re posting these on TikTok now?😂

  • কোরআন জানি

    which colour u used?

  • Yen Yen
    Yen Yen  2 months ago

    Where do you get the white shirt in 0:48 i really love those kinda but never got to buy them :((

  • Quara Playz
    Quara Playz  3 months ago

    thanks!!!! this is for my school work and it helped a lot!

  • noanneivunicorns
    noanneivunicorns  3 months ago +1

    OMG love this vid im a lazy person but count me in

  • David
    David  3 months ago

    Do you rinse the bleach out before adding the dye. On the reverse tie dye?

  • Carolin See Haze
    Carolin See Haze  3 months ago

    Cute! Right awaty I have a project in mind to 'repurpose' an old bodysuit of mine that was involved in a hair dye debacle :X.
    I feel like its one of those looks that will never go out of style. also paired with some basics fav's always a WIN.


  • Dionrose Reyes
    Dionrose Reyes  4 months ago

    Thats bealive it

  • inakshi maghu
    inakshi maghu  4 months ago

    Bleach name????

  • Marge Grunow
    Marge Grunow  4 months ago +1

    What kind of dye, have to buy kit or regular fabric dye?

  • Minecraftgamer 1427
    Minecraftgamer 1427  4 months ago

    I’m doing tie dye shirts today, wish me luck😋

  • Indy Stubbin
    Indy Stubbin  4 months ago +2

    Im doing a shirt on Tuesday, I hope in a hour it will
    come out amazing 👌👕💎💎

  • agrawalkapil2008
    agrawalkapil2008  5 months ago


  • Galaxy Retriever
    Galaxy Retriever  5 months ago

    I tried this and I failed but it still looks good to me

  • Bella
    Bella  5 months ago

    This is soo cool

  • Guess Who is that?
    Guess Who is that?  5 months ago

    Can i ask what is that an ink?