i tested mind blowing food CONSPIRACIES of 2018

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • you know how much i love paranormal and conspiracy theory videos and i found some sketchy things that happened in the food industry in 2018. in this video we expose them and we test how scary they are, i hope you like it and subscribe thank you!

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  • Jordy
    Jordy  an hour ago +1

    My crush:
    me "acting natural" : 6:24

  • Julissa Valenzuela
    Julissa Valenzuela  2 hours ago +4

    Watching this during the gov. shut down knowing the FDA isn't inspecting our foods anymore!! Truly terrified!

  • Nastassja S.
    Nastassja S.  3 hours ago +1

    Can you do a vegan video, cause of Veganuary?

  • yoongi's butt
    yoongi's butt  3 hours ago +8

    Shane Dawson who?

  • Melissa O Shea
    Melissa O Shea  4 hours ago +3

    the music and the like scary beats😂freaky ahha

  • Sigrid Pärm
    Sigrid Pärm  4 hours ago +2

    That was amazing! Those are like food horror stories

  • Rebecca Kronberg
    Rebecca Kronberg  5 hours ago

    00:01 3 or 4 no 7

  • Haylee B
    Haylee B  5 hours ago +7


  • Anetka
    Anetka  6 hours ago +1

    1,25 speed ok

  • Mitchell Newland
    Mitchell Newland  8 hours ago +5

    They actually did it at the farms I'm an Australian

  • Grace Currie
    Grace Currie  9 hours ago +8

    The thumbnail left all the Aussies shook 🍓🍓🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Monsta
    Monsta  9 hours ago +2

    In Lithuania there was a niddle in a banana thankfully that the people didn't eat it they just cut it up

    NO HATERS IN THE CLUB  10 hours ago +3

    cut up your strawberries kids

  • Avocado
    Avocado  11 hours ago +3

    Ummmm lol there’s a pack of strawberries in my fridge

  • Paige_xox
    Paige_xox  11 hours ago +8

    Do you know what’s scary? I was at Woolworths (an Aussie supermarket ) and there was a lady at the counter in front of me complaining about how there was glass in her apple pie! That was a little while ago

    • Mia Van Rhee
      Mia Van Rhee  11 hours ago

      omg im sared to get that a woolworths (p,s im a aussie)

  • Mia Van Rhee
    Mia Van Rhee  11 hours ago +5

    my mum akes sure we cut the strawberrys and in are store the put up sign saying about the needles and make sure to ut them

    • Mia Van Rhee
      Mia Van Rhee  3 hours ago

      +Radis Rose yeah i think you being a jerk is scary dont pick on someones spelling cuz they might have a reason

    • Radis Rose
      Radis Rose  8 hours ago

      I think your spelling is *scary*

    • Mia Van Rhee
      Mia Van Rhee  11 hours ago

      i think the stories is realy scary

  • Honestly WTF
    Honestly WTF  12 hours ago +6

    The strawberry conspiracy doesn’t make sense. She did it for revenge to the farm, wouldn’t it be more logical to maybe kill the crops which will cause the farm to loose money. Instead of probably killing people, she doesn’t seem to be a sadistic because she wasn’t targeting anyone in particular but she might just be stupid af.

  • Ria Saini
    Ria Saini  12 hours ago +4

    My mum cut every strawberry we bought just to make sure

  • Fighting Yoshi98
    Fighting Yoshi98  12 hours ago +5

    Australians have been cutting up thier fruit so they dont get stabbed and the people that died from thiers is just sad

  • perfctlywrrong
    perfctlywrrong  14 hours ago +2

    throughout the whole month with the strawberry needles there were no strawberries in super markets what so ever