Kevin Hart says he's not hosting the Oscars this year



  • D Loescher
    D Loescher  2 hours ago

    Strahan lost all my respect, I mean u sold yourself and values out to be on tv man, WTF happened to you..and I seen u cheering on the little boy dressed like a drag queen..u fucking disgust me Michael strahan

  • squeaker squeakerson

    Ffs leave him alone fkn media scavengers

  • DroneLife RC
    DroneLife RC  3 hours ago

    Really Micheal, he told you over and over he was Over It , how do you not understand that

  • LaTangler Tyler
    LaTangler Tyler  5 hours ago

    Amen Amen. Why people don't address how people have been mistreated over and over. God will destroy all wrong doing. I agree with Mr. Hart. He apologized. Do people apologize for the wrong they have done or doing. Mr. Hart God Bless. When you made the statement as a comedian why are they so angry about it but they are not afraid of what God warn them. In the bible, the chapter of Leviticus God warns us. God never put Adam with Adam or Eve with Eve. Well, everyone doesn't believe in God, Jesus Christ nor the Holy Ghost. I don't understand why you keep going to these places unless they are giving a fee then and only than I would understand. God Bless.

  • alberto032973
    alberto032973  5 hours ago +1

    I'm glad he hates gay people

  • David Edwin Roy
    David Edwin Roy  6 hours ago

    God is using you.
    He loves you.
    He is guiding you.
    Dont worry for wrong things if u r.
    Let me know if u need me to handle the ones who think they can rule or ruin.
    U r right. Its them. Not u.
    God Bless.

  • Brain320
    Brain320  7 hours ago +1

    It's brutal what extreme left fascists are doing to people in USA...

  • Chris Carroll
    Chris Carroll  8 hours ago

    He needs to STOP apologizing for WORDS spoken in the past and ALL PEOPLE NEED TO GET THICKER SKIN ! CRYBABIES !

  • the nig pho
    the nig pho  8 hours ago +1

    I'm racist all the time. I don't apologize. He doesn't need to either.

  • angeliina ramsey
    angeliina ramsey  8 hours ago

    he just wants to talk abt his movie stop asking omg

  • BigLove101
    BigLove101  9 hours ago

    Go Kev! I LOVE COMEDIANS! lol Mike's sock sagging @6:21 Mike says what "I'm used to catching people by the way" @7:40 and those socks @7:46 Mike's socks suck.\what's happening here/ Kevin says what @9:33

  • The Flow Show
    The Flow Show  9 hours ago

    Wow mike ... why you drilling him for ? Oscars keep being a boring show giving awards for movies that only the Oscar want !

  • BigLove101
    BigLove101  9 hours ago

    Go Kevin! The UpSide previews look pretty good . I hope They knock us off our feet.(Kev&Bryant)

  • Holly Fraser
    Holly Fraser  9 hours ago

    👏👏👏👏👏 to you Kevin Hart!!!

  • Destiny Whyte
    Destiny Whyte  9 hours ago

    oOOooo watch people get triggered over 'choice' oooOOOooOooooooo

  • Holly Fraser
    Holly Fraser  9 hours ago +2

    There really ISN'T sucha thing as freedom of speech anymore in our current United States Of America!!! It's truly sad!!!

    • Eric Hinton
      Eric Hinton  7 hours ago

      Holly Fraser not it is only the LGTBQ think they exempt

  • Destiny Whyte
    Destiny Whyte  9 hours ago

    i liked the part where he said he's over it...

  • Destiny Whyte
    Destiny Whyte  9 hours ago

    i wonder how long it'll take until its all a joke.
    i actually can't wait. it's getting boring now

  • Benedict Eduard de Pio

    He deserved respect. It's over. move on people!

  • siennah's songs
    siennah's songs  11 hours ago

    Yay Go Kevin Hart. He is done. He is so right. I support you Kevin.