Kevin Hart says he's not hosting the Oscars this year

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019
  • The actor told "GMA" he is "over" the controversy surrounding his past homophobic comments and slurs that forced him to step down from the hosting gig.WATCH FULL EPISODES: Good Morning America’s Homepage:


  • killumination87  5 months ago

    You guys are treating your comedians like politicians and your politicians like entertainers.....Hold the right people accountable...

  • Wisdom Seeker  13 days ago

    For real though 😂 comedians can’t be themselves because of polibitches

  • Pirooz Pejman  25 days ago

    Greatttt comment!!!! Yeah!!! :)

  • Rehman Arshad  5 months ago

    Kevin is so patient, the questions are stupid

  • Ablazing Judah  2 months ago

    That guy he's an idiot

  • Ellen Daly Garcia  3 months ago

    I don't understand how Michael doesn't understand words.

  • Romeo Chung  5 months ago

    over it.... MEDIA: lets ask him again ?

  • Romeo Chung  5 months ago

    toscodav okkkkk

  • toscodav  5 months ago

    Now you know how Trump feels. Hypocrite

  • Mohammed Ali  5 months ago

    Michael really pissed me off in this interview 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Mike Luke  2 months ago

    Mohammed Ali you pissed me off with your comment

  • STONEY CARTER  2 months ago

    don’t forget he didn’t decide to do this, he was told, be mad at the system that made him do what he did

  • Cbeddoe19  5 months ago

    Here is some advice for comedians NEVER APOLOGIZE!!!

  • STONEY CARTER  2 months ago

    he already had that advice, patrice oneol my friend

  • Jake K  3 months ago

    dont know what the hell trump has to do with you getting offended by every little thing, but anyway it's your choice to do

  • Cypher  5 months ago

    I am gay.. We all need to move along. How many apologies do we need? Good lord, let this man exist

  • b king  1 months ago

    @Bob Smith shut up, being gay is like being a rapist. Its choice

  • geee Whizz  5 months ago

    @Bob Smith ITS A FUCKING JOKE you god damned idiot.. Do you really think that he was being serious? You ARE a sensitive snowflake and a stupid one at that.

  • Fixingthingz4u  5 months ago

    Hes a comedian....... social media is a curse !! the people still love you Kevin Hart

  • I needed this inspirational quote in my life today. "I'm Over it." So profound.

  • Google User  4 months ago


  • PutinPie  5 months ago

    @Jordan Kalaka Mothering Under the Influence I'm over it. Did I just blow your mind again?

  • Lisa Hazard  5 months ago

    He's over it Stop it .

  • Faith Kawa  2 months ago

    Did you compare R. KELLY to Kevin Hart🙄 really really you're a complete idiot a buffoon Stlatla it's not even the same I can't believe this he made a joke 10 years ago a Joke and you compare him to R. KELLY. Your comment is infuriating

  • Britbong  3 months ago

    @Jehovah Lucifer You can talk shit about Kevin. He's just saying he's over it

  • Holly Fraser  5 months ago

    There really ISN'T sucha thing as freedom of speech anymore in our current United States Of America!!! It's truly sad!!!

  • Uchiha Ikoy  4 months ago

    We have freedom of violent protest though ... freedom to riot when you disagree with anything ... freedom to bring to light something that was socially acceptable in the past but is now "taboo" because of the sensitive culture the social media has mutated our society into.

  • Chiefs Kingdom  4 months ago

    There is freedom of speech. Only for the democrats though.