Philanthrope - Waking Dreams [Full BeatTape]

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 7, 2018
  • Tracklist:
    0:00 - Introduction (feat. Mono Massive)
    1:41 - Carwash
    4:53 - Cutting In Reverse w/ Sugi​.​wa
    6:39 - Mola w/ tusken.
    9:12 - Moonshine
    11:19 - Relief
    13:57 - Deserted w/ Mono:Massive
    16:20 - Time Goes By
    18:34 - Mola Part 2
    20:50 - Satoshi
    23:16 - Forte
    25:56 - Moonshine Part 2
    27:51 - Silence w/ Kupla
    29:36 - Sleep Next To Me


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  • Vladimir Vega
    Vladimir Vega  23 hours ago

    Puedes poner play en cualquier momento de los 32 minutos que dura está pieza y sigue siento estético, perfecto.

  • Jo Güneş Forest
    Jo Güneş Forest  1 months ago


  • T S
    T S  1 months ago

    Really like how one or two of these tracks have been mastered. Good stuff

  • Imran Haq
    Imran Haq  1 months ago

    This is sublime. Listening to this at my desk before the grind begins... building is empty, feels like time has frozen... now where's the "Repeat" button?? :)

  • cantina
    cantina  2 months ago

    I believe this is what the great beyond sounds like

  • Åmun-RÄ 333
    Åmun-RÄ 333  2 months ago

    Drawing/coloring and steezyAF on da speakers ... Perfect moment !!! ...

  • squadup
    squadup  2 months ago

    Sleep Next To Me such a beautiful song

  • Giacomo Timpanaro
    Giacomo Timpanaro  2 months ago

    16:20 great mix of my one of my favorite song of Abercrombie-Timeless,a gem

  • luiz fernando de sousa felinto life...thanks..thanksss..good

  • Livinginaworldfullofkillaz ?

    Forte 🔥best beat..on the beat tape... smooth as fk !!

  • mallymal77
    mallymal77  4 months ago +1

    this album is great!!! i'm in my 40s and to see how far instrumental beats have gone is amazing. been listening before they called it lo-fi! keep the vibes going!

  • penguins can fly
    penguins can fly  4 months ago

    All this shit is starting to sound the same so redundant wtf

  • Itz Just Some Lofi Sooo Yeah

    One question. Is that her that makes this wonderful music?

  • Dildz
    Dildz  5 months ago

    Relief FUCKED ME UP

    FREE SPIRIT  5 months ago

    Blunt Lit

  • designn choice
    designn choice  5 months ago

    Feels like nothing new under the sun and world is cold

  • Joshua Moody
    Joshua Moody  5 months ago

    are there any albums this dude puts up that arent the grainy recording of a piano, some keyboard drum beat laced with old soundbites?

  • Elzya
    Elzya  5 months ago +1

    This lowkey sad

  • Stan Martin El
    Stan Martin El  7 months ago


  • Stay Pitted
    Stay Pitted  7 months ago +1