Parents Call - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019


  • Foof y
    Foof y  6 months ago +1351

    “refused medical attention at the scene”=every old person ever

  • hullstar242
    hullstar242  6 months ago +1408

    It’s funny because i came home once and my dad literally was like hey Alex how’s it going!? I have to stop by the hospital real quick because your mother fell in a hole last night but how’s classes??? Lmaoooo

  • Miss LoLo
    Miss LoLo  6 months ago +1685

    Your mother didn't want me to tell you, but she got shot!

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +1395

    I never knew that Halsey is such an incredible actress

  • Mirenda
    Mirenda  6 months ago +1527

    Chris was the funniest part of this skit. “I feel like we’re part of this now.” and “Ask them what hole.”
    Funny but not laugh out loud funny. I still love SNL though.

  • laleen b
    laleen b  6 months ago +1995

    Literally every call with my parents. I love how they asked him to put the phone on speaker. Halseys accent is so goooood.

  • Radio Nowhere
    Radio Nowhere  6 months ago +342

    This hits a little to close to home. My mother told me she was going for a minor procedure to check her heart, an angiogram. Turns out it was a quadruple heart bypass. My father had a skin cancer scare which I didn't know about until months later when he casually mentions it over the phone. There reasoning they have for not telling me is that they don't want to bother me with details.

  • ronny lopez
    ronny lopez  6 months ago +571

    Literally threw himself "down the stairs" 😂 and could still see the legs hahaha. Think that made it even funnier

  • Jimmy is Promo
    Jimmy is Promo  6 months ago +2469

    Halsey's accent sounds like Mrs Peter Griffen

    CHEWY ASMR  6 months ago +884

    This was actually so stressful to watch.

  • Gerry Barker
    Gerry Barker  6 months ago +583

    "Put them on speaker. We're part of this now."

  • acs197
    acs197  6 months ago +669

    This is eerily similar to conversations with my parents.

  • Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife

    lmao at the way Halsey hung up the phone

  • DeadTownManifesto1985
    DeadTownManifesto1985  6 months ago +484

    "Your identical twin brother we gave up for adoption at birth. Love you!." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox  6 months ago +379

    Narcissistic Boomer Parents passive aggressive, dysfunctional manipulations of their grown children. This would be funnier if it weren't so 100% accurate.

  • dennis
    dennis  6 months ago +438

    She is destroying every skit they throw at her. I'd bring her back next week. And the one after that.

  • Amanda Soderlund
    Amanda Soderlund  6 months ago +182

    This is literally my parents. I get a "hows your new mop I hope you like it I ordered it off QVC' and then a "oh i didn't want to upset you but....X thing happened in the family" and then more texts about household appliances and the weather

  • emily
    emily  6 months ago +540

    When my dad broke his leg, he just texted me to tell me

  • openskies11
    openskies11  6 months ago +123

    This reminds of the time my dad cut off the end of his finger and emailed pictures of it to the whole family... BEFORE seeking medical treatment.

  • gradeaadventurer
    gradeaadventurer  6 months ago +277

    "broke his layg"