When you have a mean baby, Leanne Morgan

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Sometimes, we know the true potential of our daughters, and it isn't always pretty. Watch "So Yummy" by Leanne Morgan only at http://drybarcomedy.com/leanne-yt


  • 1mongorock
    1mongorock  4 days ago

    What is the difference between hormonal teen-age girls and terrorists? A. you can negotiate with terrorists. What is the difference between hormonal teenage girls and rabid Pit-bulls? A. Lipstick.

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes  5 days ago

    Religious disease IS hilarious tho.

  • TheMrTTT Too
    TheMrTTT Too  7 days ago

    My mother-in-law was mean. Whenever she demonstrated that fact in public, her mother would whisper to anyone nearby " I dropped her on her head when she was a baby."

  • Chin Chow
    Chin Chow  7 days ago

    Done well in her sorority. I thought that was a bunch of carpet munchers experimenting in the early days of college. Free from mommy and daddy to muff dive.

  • Janet Brode
    Janet Brode  7 days ago


  • KeiKei Jefferson
    KeiKei Jefferson  7 days ago

    Omg I just love her!!!! 💀💀😂😂😂

  • noezwayout76
    noezwayout76  7 days ago

    I'm glad I am not this woman's daughter.

  • Rondalyn Reynolds
    Rondalyn Reynolds  7 days ago +1

    This is too funny🤣

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez  7 days ago

    Aw I remember being like this, trust me we get over it! And I’m so great full for my parents being so patient with me! I’m obsessed with them now

  • sandra montague
    sandra montague  14 days ago

    Omg this is the best best best stand up EVER
    I have sent links to everyone I know and they love her too !!!
    She is hysterical!!!
    Love you lady Don’t stop and the trolls are not worth your trouble
    Let them hate

  • Gorakhnath
    Gorakhnath  14 days ago


  • thing one
    thing one  14 days ago

    My son is a chewophobe...little bastard shoots us dirty looks. I ask whats wrong buddy?
    deep exhale i just cant stand the sound of chewing
    Oh? All of a sudden? Ok you can eat alone after we're done if you want.
    Nooooo. Its fiiiine. puts headphones in

  • Lisa Crall
    Lisa Crall  14 days ago

    It’s so true!!!

  • indian stereotype
    indian stereotype  14 days ago

    I love it...🤣🤣🤣😂😅

  • Kathy Edwards
    Kathy Edwards  21 days ago

    this is so my niece.. my poor sister is going through this

  • human? knowing is required. 'The Purpose of DNA'

    My brother was born mean af.

  • Zilfa Abdillah
    Zilfa Abdillah  21 days ago

    i know why i find her funny... she gives barbara jean (from reba) mannerisms

  • Karen Patterson
    Karen Patterson  28 days ago +3

    This women speaks the truth about girls.

  • shinsch
    shinsch  1 months ago +1

    who's coming down the steps in the morning ... we dont know! LOL!!!

  • hankashley
    hankashley  1 months ago