Labour MP: Donald Trump dragging UK into war with Iran

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Speaking to Sky's Sophy Ridge, Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon says "if we're not careful" we could be dragged into a conflict with Iran by President Donald Trump.SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: Follow us on Twitter: and Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: For more content go to and download our apps: Apple Android


  • 101 Life
    101 Life  28 days ago +12

    Yes..I found out sky news is partner of CNN - FAKE NEWS AGENCIES ! I Unsubscribed !! BRITS SEIZED THE IRANIAN TANKER FIRST !!! Brits started the whole thing First!

  • Denise G- Hill
    Denise G- Hill  1 months ago +10

    British sky news left wing crap.

  • UnexpectedPigeon
    UnexpectedPigeon  1 months ago +95

    Really? He's dragging yall in? Wernt the Brits the ones who seized the oil tanker? Sky news is trash

  • Jalal
    Jalal  1 months ago +32

    I dont think the UK gets it.
    JUST GIVE IRAN BACK THEIR TANKER and then Iran might think of releasing yours.
    I mean a Donkey is smarter than the UK

  • DerafsheKavian
    DerafsheKavian  1 months ago +77

    It is interesting a lot of officials expressing all sorts of opinion but none of them referring to seizing of Iranian ship that started all of this.

  • Niz Viz
    Niz Viz  1 months ago +16

    How are politicians allowed to get away with telling so many lies.

  • grrdpablo1
    grrdpablo1  1 months ago +17

    Another delusional Brit MP blaming the USA and "The Donald" for their woe's and blunders.

  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman  1 months ago +11

    Good old corbynista defend anybody but English

  • Mark Bagshot
    Mark Bagshot  21 days ago +5

    Well, I won't be fighting any staged war with Iran or any other country, based on lies and propaganda.
    If the poLIEticians and their banker/oil backers want war, then 8they* can go pick up a gun and fight.
    The world is sick of conflict and the warmongerers and armament makers all need to die and ASAP.

  • kyliemyenglishrose
    kyliemyenglishrose  28 days ago +4

    Just another labour bell end 😂

  • jules kinkead
    jules kinkead  1 months ago +22

    another uk pol deluded into thinking they are foreign policy experts as they spew their party talk bizarre

  • nestor pistor
    nestor pistor  1 months ago +82

    More fake news, but it's expected from this source

    MAKRYL  1 months ago +6

    "Just as war brings about peace, peace brings about war. A peace that is empty and lacks substance will eventually be filled in by an actual state of war. We reap the benefits of war but distance it from ourselves with a television screen, forgetting that we're still in the same battleground, but we only pretend to forget. Such denial invites great punishment in the end."

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D  28 days ago +3

    UK Commies hate Commonwealth Union, love EU DICTATORS or wtf

  • Cassie Walker
    Cassie Walker  28 days ago +5

    Obviously the UK is weak. Also Trump isn't dragging the UK into a war. Fake news again.

  • Raymond Pockett
    Raymond Pockett  21 days ago +2

    Bloody Labour would drag the UK into a civil war with this bloody load of idiotsas MP. Hug a terrorist from Wales

  • Jack Robert
    Jack Robert  1 months ago +17

    War with Iran will spread to Europe aka Migration

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt  28 days ago +5

    Neither the USA or President Trump seized an Iranian tanker. Before that President Trump had decided not to retaliate when the Iranians shot down a US drone. He didn't want to kill people for the loss of equipment. From the standpoint of the American people it appears that Britain was escalating the situation after the President's forbearance.

  • Dark flood
    Dark flood  2 days ago

    We dont need the brits for iran

  • Clem Alford
    Clem Alford  1 months ago +13

    Don't believe the Labour party. From Ramsey MacDonald to Liar Blair they have always betrayed the nation.