Labour MP: Donald Trump dragging UK into war with Iran

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Speaking to Sky's Sophy Ridge, Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon says "if we're not careful" we could be dragged into a conflict with Iran by President Donald Trump.

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  • Oswald Ullman
    Oswald Ullman  a months ago

    Uh oh! The ONLY net positive so far about the Trump regime has been its apparent reluctance to get us here in the U.S. into another huge war. Looks like Trump's breathtaking corruption and the resulting pushback has been so worrisome for the Trumpites in the White House, Donald is now issuing not-so-veiled threats - he may "have to" do a "George W. Bush" on us and "them."
    "Trump warns U.S. 'may have to get in wars'
    The president specifically threatens to hit Iran "like they've never been hit before" if the regime provokes Washington:"

  • oye ,
    oye ,  2 months ago +1

    Islam is pure evil

  • mart peters
    mart peters  2 months ago

    If Britain are allies with America then it will take place

  • Travis Kole
    Travis Kole  2 months ago

    Lol... wha?

    DEEREMEYER1  2 months ago

    There ain't enough horses in the world to drag that much dead weight in deadbearts to "war" back in the "home office" of the old ANGLO-IRANIAN OIL COMPANY!!

  • Reaper Ice
    Reaper Ice  3 months ago

    We dont need the brits for iran

  • RE fan
    RE fan  3 months ago

    More likely Iran and the UK are responsible for their own crap

  • 353535336373373
    353535336373373  3 months ago

    Iran is causing unwanted aggression

  • Bucket with a face on it

    Yes but we were dragged into utter carnage wars by the Clinton's, Bush and Obama mostly with Labours help. So stop blaming Trump. He is a tough man he wont be pushed around by iran.

  • Nuurdin
    Nuurdin  4 months ago

    Sky BBC = CNN 🦊 MSNBC=lies fake news

    SHARKYMILARKY  4 months ago +1

    Let's not go to war with Iran how about that

  • Nacube Technology
    Nacube Technology  4 months ago

    Really no one asking UK n France if they don't have ask parmanant in UN

  • Jolly big mac
    Jolly big mac  4 months ago

    2pac they always got money for wars but Can't look after there own poor same bs different day

  • Youve been lied to
    Youve been lied to  4 months ago

    FAKE NEWS HERE FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Pockett
    Raymond Pockett  4 months ago +2

    Bloody Labour would drag the UK into a civil war with this bloody load of idiotsas MP. Hug a terrorist from Wales

  • 4TheRecord
    4TheRecord  4 months ago +1

    Let's not forget that the Labour party is only upset about this because they are not in power otherwise we would already be at war with Iran. Remember Iraq?

  • Ric Sta
    Ric Sta  4 months ago

    former US President Hussein Barack Obama may have been a visionary.

  • Ric Sta
    Ric Sta  4 months ago

    former US President Hussein Barack Obama may have been a visionary.

  • Ric Sta
    Ric Sta  4 months ago

    former US President Hussein Barack Obama may have been a visionary.

  • Mark Bagshot
    Mark Bagshot  4 months ago +5

    Well, I won't be fighting any staged war with Iran or any other country, based on lies and propaganda.
    If the poLIEticians and their banker/oil backers want war, then 8they* can go pick up a gun and fight.
    The world is sick of conflict and the warmongerers and armament makers all need to die and ASAP.