When Judges and Contestants ARGUE! | X Factor Global

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • Watch what happens when auditions become arguments on the X Factor UK and X Factor USA!

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  • Damian Dionne
    Damian Dionne  an hour ago

    I almost disliked the video because of the videos in the video lmfao

  • Damian Dionne
    Damian Dionne  an hour ago

    Sings in Spanish

    Everyone: Yeah yeah, I understand. Totally totally do. So English please?

  • Aj Jimenez
    Aj Jimenez  2 hours ago

    Why the judges tolerate such abnormal and rinbidj contestant to slap them with rudeness and no breeding contestants.
    They must condoned such attitude and put behind bars.

  • ZucchiniLagsana Man

    You mean when Simon and conteastants argue

  • Bilal Muaref
    Bilal Muaref  4 hours ago

    "I'm Abby and I'm Lisa and together were Abby and Lisa"


  • QuestWalker KO
    QuestWalker KO  4 hours ago

    10:40 someone very faintly says "get off the stage butthead!"

  • ShadowKid 727
    ShadowKid 727  5 hours ago

    I'm Abby!

    And I'm Lisa!

    And We are DePrEsSeD!!!

  • SkitVids
    SkitVids  7 hours ago +1

    absolutely nobody was analyzing the last audition correctly. the most talkative girl was the rude one, however, the other girl was trying to cure their reputation.

  • VD III
    VD III  8 hours ago

    Dammn that latina judge is brutally hottt and on point.

  • American Born
    American Born  9 hours ago

    "LIKED IT?" Oh, the awkward borderline silence after that. 🙁😖

  • American Born
    American Born  9 hours ago

    9:14 Those ladies were uncomfortable the moment after that

  • Josh Heinink
    Josh Heinink  9 hours ago

    These people are awful

  • bbqsauceonmytittys
    bbqsauceonmytittys  9 hours ago +1

    SHUT UP!!! - lisa

  • Emily Coutu
    Emily Coutu  11 hours ago

    The lady man guy has a great voice

  • Carly Magana
    Carly Magana  12 hours ago

    That guy needs to stop talking

  • Alita Hargrove
    Alita Hargrove  12 hours ago

    I see a pattern. Whenever they think they're amazing they turn out to be horrible. The good ones are usually humble.

  • Hassan the Great
    Hassan the Great  13 hours ago

    simon we hate you

  • Fainites Barley
    Fainites Barley  13 hours ago

    Jorge - what a creep.

  • Yoongi Jamz
    Yoongi Jamz  13 hours ago

    lmfao “it’s called the Kanye West effect” 😂😂😂

  • 3% respect out of 500%

    Why is Simon always like no I like it like he said to to Debra and Andrew