Chillstep | Wayr - Follow the Light

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • Wayr never disappoints..⇩⇩⇩Free Download:


  • MixHound
    MixHound  10 months ago +31

    Incredible stuff from Wayr, definitely one of my favorite chillstep tracks from the year so far 💙

  • Wayr Music
    Wayr Music  10 months ago +35

    <3 <3

  • Virtuous
    Virtuous  5 months ago +15


  • MixHound
    MixHound  10 months ago +28

    Hope you all have a chill weekend! ❄️

  • NoX Regulator
    NoX Regulator  yesterday

    I listened to this over and over. love it.

  • عبادي
    عبادي  4 months ago +15

    There are a lot of things inside my heart, but when I want to get out of my heart all the words are broken and I can not speak all I want
    هناك كثير من الأشياء داخل قلبي لاكن عندما اريد ان اخرج كل مافي قلبي تتبعثر الكلمات ولا استطيع التحدث بكل أريحيه

  • Schwifty Music
    Schwifty Music  10 months ago +14

    Wayr is a legend

  • dany oshi
    dany oshi  10 months ago +10

    Looks at title: Mothing intensifies

  • GotaLoveGoat
    GotaLoveGoat  10 months ago +3

    well aint that my profile pic :p another great song from wayr, one of my fav chillstep makers. Sappheiros stil is my favorite tho

  • Vexy Wixy
    Vexy Wixy  2 months ago +3

    Why is this so underrated :'( 💔

  • Russaz Suraj
    Russaz Suraj  1 months ago

    Beautiful. There's lot of things that I cannot express in words and this says it all. :)

  • SonOfTexas 1836
    SonOfTexas 1836  4 months ago +2

    Thanks MixHound for turning my horrible days/nights into great ones! You are really changing people's lives. 💙👍✌

  • Spaceship Studio
    Spaceship Studio  21 days ago

    one word for this :

  • Eliza Bella
    Eliza Bella  1 months ago

    This is a beautiful track ❤️

  • ChillstepWolf
    ChillstepWolf  2 months ago +1

    beautiful track!

  • Tung Davy
    Tung Davy  1 months ago

    As a chill-er. I subscribed. Also I saw that Japanese need chill, they already are working too hard for their life and their country :(

  • Activemotionpictures
    Activemotionpictures  3 months ago +1

    Can I use this song in a youtube video fo my own?

  • Damian Zawodnik
    Damian Zawodnik  28 days ago

    Clean clarity. Most beautyfull voices.

  • Dini Stltr
    Dini Stltr  6 months ago

    I’m very impressed! Well done 🤩

  • OGSN93
    OGSN93  10 months ago

    wayr you are one of my topfavo of chillstep <3