Chillstep | Wayr - Follow the Light

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
  • Wayr never disappoints..


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  • MixHound
    MixHound  a years ago +42

    Incredible stuff from Wayr, definitely one of my favorite chillstep tracks from the year so far 💙

  • Jonny ogy
    Jonny ogy  21 days ago

    I like this song a lot and love the artwork here! We all have to learn to follow the light in our own and unique journeys everyday :)!

  • Joey R
    Joey R  21 days ago +1

    This picture looks like Shinjuku, an area near from where I live now :D.

  • Freddie Frey
    Freddie Frey  a months ago

    Really cool graphic video!

  • DarkWolfBR.
    DarkWolfBR.  a months ago +18

    Flea ? Anyone?

  • Carkichi Car Films
    Carkichi Car Films  2 months ago +1

    An epic artwork of my city gives me a chill and tears in your music.

  • Dark Teacher 780
    Dark Teacher 780  2 months ago +1

    It's my imagination, or this track sounds like "The Walking Dead Telltale Games theme" :v

  • Tural Ali Music
    Tural Ali Music  2 months ago

    İlahi başlıq. Bir mahnı niyə bu qədər mükəmml olsunki. ❤️ gözümün qabağınnan keçməyən xatirələrim qalmadı 💔

  • The Tan soon and hun

    I follow the light . Fast light

  • NoX Regulator
    NoX Regulator  3 months ago +1

    I listened to this over and over. love it.

  • SuperZizo81
    SuperZizo81  3 months ago

    Keep fight

  • jacob gutierrez
    jacob gutierrez  4 months ago

    In love......

  • Ybn Sxsa
    Ybn Sxsa  4 months ago

    Here from flea

  • Spaceship Studio
    Spaceship Studio  4 months ago +4

    one word for this :


  • Damian Zawodnik
    Damian Zawodnik  4 months ago

    Clean clarity. Most beautyfull voices.

  • Bryan Chi Music
    Bryan Chi Music  4 months ago

    so beautiful

  • Tung Davy
    Tung Davy  4 months ago

    As a chill-er. I subscribed. Also I saw that Japanese need chill, they already are working too hard for their life and their country :(

  • Joseph Dodds
    Joseph Dodds  4 months ago +1

    At the start it sounds a bit like the fallout 4 main theme.

  • Eliza Bella
    Eliza Bella  5 months ago

    This is a beautiful track ❤️

  • Russaz Suraj
    Russaz Suraj  5 months ago

    Beautiful. There's lot of things that I cannot express in words and this says it all. :)