12 Types of Buffalo Wings in 12 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Join Bon Appétit web editor Alex Delany as he searches for the best Buffalo wings that their namesake city has to offer.

    Check out all the wing spots Alex hit:
    1. The Lenox Grill
    2. Gabriel’s Gate
    3. Anchor Bar
    4. Cole’s
    5. Elmo’s
    6. Duff’s
    7. Glen Park Tavern
    8. Gene McCarthy’s
    9. Doc Sullivan’s
    10. The Blackthorn
    11. Mammoser’s
    12. Bar-Bill Tavern

    For More Information on Buffalo Wings in Buffalo Check out www.buffalowingtrail.com

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    12 Types of Buffalo Wings in 12 Hours. Which is the Best? | Bon Appétit


  • Alex Delany
    Alex Delany  a years ago +2410

    Okay. Buffalo was a blast. I'm not going to be eating wings for a while. But what city do y'all want me to go to next? And what food should I eat there?

  • Holly Clark
    Holly Clark  13 hours ago

    Wow he winks a lot

  • TorettoX3 ,
    TorettoX3 ,  18 hours ago

    If like like bones over boneless your opinion is just incorrect

  • Shea Crowley
    Shea Crowley  3 days ago

    do rochester garbage plates

  • Timothy Miller
    Timothy Miller  6 days ago

    Flats and no blue cheese? Alex just went up a few pegs in my playbook.

  • The Graceful Savage

    best way to eat flats is to pull the cartelidge off the knobby side, pull out the small bone, and twist and pull the big bone. you end up with a perfect bite of meat.

  • dayof thelords
    dayof thelords  7 days ago +3

    Man i am so in love with this guy

  • Kevin Bos
    Kevin Bos  7 days ago

    7:42 you are channeling some serious Brad there for a sec.

  • Mo n
    Mo n  14 days ago

    That poor hotel toilet

  • Kayla Bella
    Kayla Bella  14 days ago

    should've gone to Tully's!

  • Delila
    Delila  14 days ago

    a long lost Weasley brother.

  • Zz
    Zz  14 days ago

    I just discovered Delany as a host, there is nothing BA can do wrong, your channel is GOLD.

  • Jessica Jenkins
    Jessica Jenkins  14 days ago

    Crab cakes in Baltimore pleeeease??

  • Patrick Tebelin
    Patrick Tebelin  14 days ago

    Do an episode on fried chicken pleaseeee

  • Edgar Baldovino
    Edgar Baldovino  21 days ago

    Delaney 😤

  • St Tharakan 69
    St Tharakan 69  21 days ago

    An overweight guy comes of Doc Sulivan He’s attempting an Alex

  • Michelleiscul
    Michelleiscul  28 days ago +3

    I liked how irked Alex looked when he got his face wiped, lol. 05:08

  • Emma Schutt
    Emma Schutt  28 days ago

    Schunks west hill grill is the best place in buffalo for wings!

  • merirose
    merirose  1 months ago

    The filming and editing in this series 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 and also alex being alex 💚👀

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