EA Admits Anthem Sucks (For Now) - Dude Soup Podcast #232

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
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    This week the gang explains why Anthem sucks so bad even EA had to own up to it. Plus, the effects the Games Done Slow stream's sleep deprivation had on their bowels, and a 90's inspired installment of Cyberwatch comin' in hot at 14.4kbps!

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  • Trevor Olague
    Trevor Olague  28 days ago

    Destiny has content at least

  • David Rogowski
    David Rogowski  1 months ago

    13:00 Bruce says "Do not put that in my Slack". My work uses slack too, had no idea FH used it lmao

  • lazy llama
    lazy llama  1 months ago

    did they forget that the last Christmas event for destiny was baking ?

  • Owen West
    Owen West  4 months ago

    About a month late but destiny literally has exactly what he was talking about with sparrow league racing, the dawning festival, the Halloween stuff.

  • ACE
    ACE  5 months ago

    I got scammed I’m never buying a pre lunched game or any EA games

  • AiErudito __-_-__
    AiErudito __-_-__  5 months ago


  • GhoulishGhastly
    GhoulishGhastly  5 months ago

    The every story starts the same part was so on point

  • Pandaman
    Pandaman  5 months ago

    The only way to fix Anthem is to completely re-build it in a different engine


    Someone comes out with an Anthem clone called "Glitched", except made in Unity/Unreal and it works. Then we wait for EA to patch out the stupid "get glitched" catchphrase because their game would be directly telling their players to buy a different game.

  • J Aims
    J Aims  5 months ago

    I love you guys but it kills me when you say how broken the game is, then say "but the flying and shooting is so much fun!" no lol that was so broken too, and we now know it was completely random and without any skill. We gotta stop applauding soulless broken vapid combat systems, because they will hear that and make MORE of it, okay dumb rant over, love you guys

  • Brock Strongo
    Brock Strongo  6 months ago

    I think a table with a light wood finish would be nicer.

  • Hambone
    Hambone  6 months ago

    You all should look into Albion Online. It has a player run economy and guilds can own land and territory. They can fight over it and lots more

  • Kategari
    Kategari  6 months ago

    "I can't wait for Destiny to become a game..."

    ... Like WarFrame?

    JK Destiny's in a pretty good place these days.

    WOAH WOAH WOAH I'm sorry 21:00 Adam literally described Dojo building in WarFrame.

  • JCgaming
    JCgaming  6 months ago

    the dislikes are from triggered fanboys

  • Steve Freeman
    Steve Freeman  6 months ago +1

    Screw that...I loved Bright, and it really made me interested in knowing more about the world and history.

    EIPLAYS  6 months ago +1

    Wow it looks like all the anthem players are finally going to admit their game is shit and that warframe is better in every way.

  • yamil martinez
    yamil martinez  6 months ago

    Anthem sucks soow bad

  • Legend 12343
    Legend 12343  6 months ago

    I got to say anthem got the storm javelin right I had so much fun playing it.

  • jetblackc22
    jetblackc22  6 months ago

    Man that whole Chair/Shadow Complex conversation hit home.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson  6 months ago

    In case anyone in this Podcast is interested or even sees this, there is a game like Punch-out on mobile called Prizefighters.

  • Chad Reno
    Chad Reno  6 months ago

    Nooooo, Bioware just needs to make another Mass Effect with a freaking linear overarching story with multiple decisions along the way. Like the original series.